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VR Business Brokers Featured In Franchising Today

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Recently, VR Business Brokers / Mergers and Acquisitions was featured in "Franchising Today - The leading source for today's franchising executives, owners, investors, and entrepreneurs." Below are some excerpts from the article. VR doesn’t believe in expanding just to expand; it prides itself a Read More>>

Small Business or Franchise? How to Decide Having decided you want to be your own boss, next you have to choose not just your sector but whether you start a business from scratch, buy an established independent business or buy a franchise. Each option has its own merits and drawbacks and which one suits you depends on your personal attributes and what you want  Read More>>

VR Welcomes Our New Office Opening in Kansas City, MO

Michael Becker, pictured to the left with his wife Carmen Becker, graduated from Wichita State University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing. He worked as a Credit Manager with Norwest Financial Corporation(now Wells Fargo) for 2 years. In 1992, Michael started is his own exclusive insurance agency with a Fortune 500 Insurance Company. He was the state agent of the year and won numerous national awards for being in the Top 100 Agents out of 4000 win Read More>>

Should I Buy a Business or a Franchise? Want to be your own boss but not sure which way to go about it? Here, you can weigh up the pros and cons to see whether buying a franchise or a business would suit you best: Finance Franchise One of the positives of buying a franchise is the increased number of loan options available to you. Brand names and a transpare Read More>>

Are You Qualified To Own A VR Franchise?

Bruce Rockwell VR Charleston, SC Starting or buying a business is a big step for most people and trying to find the right business for your particular skill set can be difficult. Becoming a VR Business Brokerage owner should be evaluated just like any other business you might consider. To be successful at VR you will need to have a c Read More>>

8 Reasons People Buy a Franchise

Larry Lane VR McKinney, TX U.S. FRANCHISING FACTS · It is estimated that franchising creates 18 million jobs & generates $2.1 trillion to the economy · Approximately 1 out of 12 businesses in the US are franchises · The franchising industry accounts for approximately 40% of retail sales · Read More>>

Is A Franchise Right For You?

Peter King VR CEO Making the decision to purchase either a private business or a franchise is an important decision when you start out to begin a new business venture. There are many choices, challenges, and many benefits to a franchise opportunity so it is vital to really understand the nuances before you sign on the dotted line. U Read More>>

Baby Boomers Find Career Opportunities through VR Franchise Showcase

Peter King VR CEO Choosing an opportunity offered by theVR Franchise Showcase is not only great for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss, but it's also providing a good option for people over the age of 45, who have been laid off and have struggled to find new positions in the market. This has become an ongoing trend  Read More>>

Returning Veterans See the Opportunities in Franchising through VetFran Program

Peter King VR CEO A challenge that many military veterans have when they return from their tours overseas is working their way back into a work force that continues to see high unemployment. However, many were able to see new opportunities recently at the 2012 Franchise Expo South in Miami Beach, Florida. Many have the leadership an Read More>>

Buying a Franchise Buys You Their Brand

Peter King VR CEO If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to invest in a business opportunity, a franchise can be very lucrative and advantageous. This starts with the brand name recognition that the franchisor has built through delivering a quality product or service with a strong marketing campaign. This brand recognition is a m Read More>>

Fulfilling Your Destiny as a Franchise Owner

Peter King VR CEO As a franchise owner, you can control your own destiny. Many aspiring business owners want to be able to start a business that gives them the best chance at being successful. Then there are those that are in semi-retirement, who find that hobbies and lifelong passions are not enough to pass the time. Theywant some Read More>>

Knowing when You Need to Change Strategy as a Business Owner

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Strategy has become increasingly important to your franchise success. Good strategy is the result of knowing the assumptions of your franchisor’s established brand model, sound investigation, thinking that is open as well as curious and broad in scope. Most of all, it’s about knowing the righ Read More>>

What Makes a Successful Franchisor

Peter King VR CEO When you become a franchise owner, there are a variety of benefits that you will receive such as the franchisor’s name and brand, the quality service or product already in place and marketing support and assistance. Name recognition, in particular, can provide you with great success as a franchisee. As t Read More>>

The Brand Makes the Franchisor

JoAnn Lombardi VR President When looking at a franchise, a benefit that you as a potential franchisee should see is to be identified with that franchisor’s name and brand. The longer that a franchisor has been in existence and has matured, recognition of the brand name increases; and the more valuable it becomes to you as a f Read More>>

How to be Successful as a Franchise Owner

Peter King VR CEO After you’ve done your research, weighed the advantages and disadvantages, the hours you’re willing to spend managing and you’re ready to select the franchise that interests you; this question will come up: how will your business make money. No franchise company can guarantee this, regardless of  Read More>>

Evaluating a Franchise

Peter King VR CEO When you’re considering a franchise to buy, you want to review everything about the franchisor, the contract, the market and, most of all, yourself. This will ensure that you are making the right decision. The U.S. Commerce Department has created a checklist that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in the  Read More>>

Franchise Industries Growing in Popularity

Peter King VR CEO There are many franchise industries that are growing rapidly from auto repair to quick service restaurants to financial services. Many resources such as theVR Franchise Showcase offer aspiring and established entrepreneurs with exciting and profitable opportunities with an established brand and business model. Here  Read More>>

Why You Should Buy a Franchise

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Franchising has been called the last and best hope for those considering buying a business of their own. Franchising allows small business owners an opportunity to compete successfully with giants. They offer a unique opportunity for a person with limited business experience to benefit from the learning cu Read More>>

Advantages of Buying a Franchise

Peter King VR CEO When you are looking to become a business owner for the first time,buying a franchise can be a smart move. With buying a franchise, you have the best of both worlds: starting a business you own independently, while having the support of an established operating system with already existing products and services.  Read More>>

What You Get When You Buy a Franchise

JoAnn Lombardi VR President When you are looking to buy a business, a franchise can be a smart investment. Anyone can run a franchise as long as you adhere to the company guidelines. There are many reasons why you should consider buying a franchise: Successful Business Model You will have a greater chance of success when you buy a Read More>>

The Advantages of Buying a Franchise

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Buying your own franchise can be a sound investment. You can fulfill your entrepreneurial goals while receiving training, support and marketing from the corporate office. In the past, many aspiring business owners might be reluctant tobuy a franchise business over starting one of their own. However, most d Read More>>

Using Social Media to Your Advantage as a Franchise Owner

JoAnn Lombardi VR President As a business franchise owner, you should use social media regularly. All types of businesses use social media now to communicate with new and repeat customers about new specials on products and services. Business franchises such as Quiznos and Pizza Hut use Facebook and Twitter to offer new promotions,  Read More>>

System and Specializing Makes a Successful Franchise Business

Peter King VR CEO Why do people buy franchises? Because the franchise is a defined and proven business format that offers any aspiring business owner the opportunity to run their own business with an established formula, training and support from the corporate headquarters. Franchising is about taking and building a concept that̵ Read More>>

Evaluating a Franchise

Peter King VR CEO Franchising has become more popular and commonplace with every passing year. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA),franchise businesses provide more than 8 million jobs in the United States. The strength in this sector is an outgrowth of the many advantages that are associated with owning a franchise Read More>>

The Importance of Evaluating a Franchise When Looking to Buy

Peter King VR CEO Currently, franchise businesses provide millions of jobs in the United States due in part to the many advantages that are associated with owning one: Ongoing support, Personal training, Group advertising, Aproven system for running that type of business. For any potential business owner Read More>>

Franchising Your Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Franchising is the technique for any business regardless of its size to expand its operation into other branches. This process is regarded as one of the safest means of accomplishing growth. However, it requires careful planning to be successful. If you can set up your course of action appropriately, there Read More>>

Franchising Your Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Franchising is the technique for any business regardless of its size to expand its operation into other branches. This process is regarded as one of the safest means of accomplishing growth. However, it requires careful planning to be successful. If you can set up your course of action appropriately, there Read More>>


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