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Selling your Business? Here’s How to Remove Yourself

BusinessesForSale.com Building a business and maintaining it takes dedication. Understandably, the relationship between owner and company can become so close that the two are fused in some respects, which can be problematic when it comes to selling it. To clinch a successful deal and allow a business to thrive under new ownership, it’s import ... Read More>>

How Not to Deceive Potential Buyers

BusinessesForSale.com When you’ve made the decision to sell your business ideally both the premises and your books need to be on point. If the business does not appear to be looked after, the buyer can suspect some concealment or deception. Along with this you’ll need to be careful about your responses to any questions you are asked. Th ... Read More>>

5 Essential Tips to Master the Art of Selling your Business

BusinessesForSale.com Have you started to contemplate the eventual sale of your business? Never sold a business before? Here are five essential tips to help you prepare the business for sale, find a buyer and achieve a deal on price and terms that you’re happy with.1. Value the businessGet an accurate valuation of your business from a t ... Read More>>

How To Buy a Business With Family – And Keep Your Sanity!

BusinessesForSale.com Buying a business and running it as a family-owned enterprise remains an entrepreneurial dream for a great many people. So much so that America relies on family businesses to generate 60 percent of its current employment. It’s easy to see the appeal: the thought of choosing your own direction while working alongs ... Read More>>

Entering Business Ownership

When Is The Best Time To Enter Business Ownership?More and better businesses opportunities are available now than we have seen in history...if you know how and where to find them. This may be your best opportunity to take advantage of gaining the years of hard work and investment of someone else. The current economy is the most favorable we have seen in years to make your move! At some point the owner of every business and professional practice will exit his/her business through a sale or ... Read More>>

Can Your Business Broker Answer These 7 Questions To Your Satisfaction?

BusinessesForSale.com The only thing worse than no professional support is the wrong professional support. Ask these questions to secure the right broker. Selling a business on your own to save money is often a false economy, but hiring the wrong business broker is arguably even worse. If you are to avoid appointing a broker who is unscrupu ... Read More>>

4th Quarter 2016 VR Business Broker Awards

Click on each image to view and print. Centurion Award Gold Omar Garcia - San Antonio, TX Silver William Park/Paul Lin - Artesia, CA Tim Bullard - Waukesha, WI Bronze Ray Melcher - Wyomissing, PA Stephen Fitzgerald - Savannah, GA Tim Bellon - Apollo Beach, FL Top Producers #1 Omar Garcia - San Antonio, TX #2 Bill Patterson - Savannah, GA #3 Chris Gutierrez - Apollo Beach, FL ... Read More>>

VR Business Brokers Featured In Franchising Today

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Recently, VR Business Brokers / Mergers and Acquisitions was featured in "Franchising Today - The leading source for today's franchising executives, owners, investors, and entrepreneurs." Below are some excerpts from the article. VR doesn’t believe in expanding just to expand; it prides itself a ... Read More>>

Small Business or Franchise? How to Decide

BusinessesForSale.com Having decided you want to be your own boss, next you have to choose not just your sector but whether you start a business from scratch, buy an established independent business or buy a franchise. Each option has its own merits and drawbacks and which one suits you depends on your personal attributes and what you want ... Read More>>

VR 3rd Quarter Awards

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Below are the winners of the 3rd Quarter Awards. We commend all of our Business Brokers, Office Owners and support staff on an outstanding quarter. We are so fortunate to have a team with the desire and dedication for achieving success. We would like to congratulate you all on a job well done and we wish ... Read More>>

Do I Need A License To Become A Business Broker?

Peter King VR CEO We often get the question from those wishing to become a business broker: Do I need to have a license? And the answer is yes and no. First, there is no such thing as a "Business Broker License". However many States and Provinces do require a real estate license to facilitate the selling of a business. Below is a lis ... Read More>>

Avoid These Pitfalls When Selling Your Business

BusinessesForSale.com From a lack of preparation to proceeding without the help of a business broker, these are some of the most common mistakes made by sellers. Selling a business for a satisfactory return and within your preferred timescale can be a challenging prospect. Attracting buyers requires a focused approach, careful groundwork a ... Read More>>


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