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VR Mergers & Acquisitions and Cross Border Associates Form Exclusive Global Alliance to Maximize Exposure of International Business Intermediary Services

VR Mergers & Acquisitions (“VR”) headquartered in the United States and, Cross Border Associates (“CBA”) based in Germany announced an exclusive global alliance that will offer comprehensive solutions to help both organizations scale and optimize critical confidential services for the valuation, preparation, acquisition, financing, divestiture, and consulting to clients around the world. Combined VR and CBA have over 500 advisors offering professional Mergers & Ac Read More>>

Changing the Approach

JoAnn Lombardi VR President How Unlimited Choices Have Given Way to New Marketing Since the beginning of the 20th century, advertising drove our economy in the form of a pre-packaged, one-way story. Today, it's a different story. We've gone from three channels to 500 and from no web pages to a billion web pages. The choices tha Read More>>

Every Business is a Risky Business

Peter King VR CEO Every business faces risks, but some companies are riskier than others. Assessing a company’s risk is an important part of estimating its value. Risk and value are inversely related. That is, the higher a company’s risk, the lower its value. Risk is a function of a company’s external threats  Read More>>

Where Your Company Fits In

Peter King VR CEO Knowing where your company fits into the world of business is a must if you want to understand the dynamics of selling it. The rules that govern the sale of public companies like Ford, Microsoft, and General Electric are radically different from the rules that control the sale of closely held, owner operated, founder  Read More>>

Federal Antitrust Laws

Peter King VR CEO I got asked not long ago for my opinion on Federal Antitrust Laws. I had to preface my answer that I am not an attorney, but my belief is that the central concern of federal government policy is with those acquisitions that increase the danger that companies in a particular market or sector will have “market pow Read More>>

Do I Need A License To Become A Business Broker?

Peter King VR CEO We often get the question from those wishing to become a business broker: Do I need to have a license? And the answer is yes and no. First, there is no such thing as a "Business Broker License". However many States and Provinces do require a real estate license to facilitate the selling of a business. Below is a lis Read More>>

Top 5 Business Sectors To Invest In Today

BusinessesForSale.com According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2014 Report, entrepreneurship rates in the U.S rose to approximately 14 percent last year - a far cry from the recession low of 7.6 percent in 2010. The Bureau of Labour Statistics states that Americans change their approximately job every 5 years, many taking the leap and Read More>>


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