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Friday, September 30, 2011

Knowing when You Need to Change Strategy as a Business Owner

JoAnn Lombardi
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Strategy has become increasingly important to your franchise success. Good strategy is the result of knowing the assumptions of your franchisor’s established brand model, sound investigation, thinking that is open as well as curious and broad in scope. Most of all, it’s about knowing the right questions to ask.


Though strategy can change frequently; today, it is better to be useful that correct. Always examine the strategy at hand and see if it’s working to help generate customers and keep them coming. To do this as an independent owner, ask yourself the following questions:


What Type of Business are you in?

Understand that your franchise may be in more than one business. In other words, you may be offering a variety of products and/or services that you could be using to market to your target market or another altogether. Whereas some franchisors have a single focus or a few well-conceived products or services, it’s important to understand the business you are in, the competition you have and the most innovative practices in your industry.


What are Your Core Competencies?

Knowing the core competency of your franchise will give you a strong competitive advantage. These are not only strengths of why you buy a franchise, but they give you an edge over your competition – separating you from the others.


Do You Understand Your Core Values?

This is a crucial element that you need to understand for your franchise. Your franchisor should provide you with what are the priorities – Short-term profitability, long-term relationships with customers, etc. Any of these will require a different strategy and organizational chart. What your franchisor values will inform your strategy.


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