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Investigate Your Financing Options When Buying a Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President One of the most important requirements when you buy a business is raising capital, which will require you to prepare a well-thought-out business plan. This is vital not only for when you are using capital to buy a business but also for budgeting initial operating expenses. Additionally, a business plan wil Read More>>

Elements Needed to Become a Successful Business Owner

JoAnn Lombardi VR President With any profession, there are certain characteristics that allow some people to excel over others that do not possess such traits. The business world is no different. There are key characteristics that allow business owners to make their businesses profitable, earn the respect of their employees and maint Read More>>

Deciding a Fair Price when Selling a Business

Peter King VR CEO When you are looking to sell a business, there are many way to price that business, which your VR business intermediary can assist. Multiples of cash flow – Usually 1 to 3 times annual cash flow depending on the type and size of the business; Value of equipment and inventory – This include Read More>>

Determining the Right Time to Sell Your Business

Peter King VR CEO This is a hard question to ask, but only can answer it when it comes down to decidingtosella business. Some argue that you should sell when the business is doing well, which can give you the most control over the deal and maximize your profit. However, others argue that the owner should sell when the business is on Read More>>

Don’t Forget to Run Your Business as You Prepare to Sell to a Buyer

Peter King VR CEO One of the worst mistakes that you can during the process of selling your business is neglectingyour every day duties of running the business. It’s easy to get caught up spending so much time and energy in regard to business sale matters that it can result in a deterioration of both revenue and the resale valu Read More>>

Why You Must Find a Qualified Buyer When Selling Your Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Remember that even though you may find aspiring and established business owners that are looking to buy a business, they might not be qualified to buy your business.VR Business Sales will help you find the most qualified buyers to take over your business through our extensive global network. Your local V Read More>>

Deciding to Position Your Business for Sale

JoAnn Lombardi VR President The realization is easy to forget, but small business owners do not live and breathe their businesses, they live and breathe their dreams that they have had since they were young. For the majority of business owners, their aspirations recently came to fruition when they were able to buy their businesses. O Read More>>

Mistakes to Avoid When Performing a Business Valuation

JoAnn Lombardi VR President When you are preparing a valuation for your business with a VR business intermediary, do not attempt to embellish and create false numbers. This will only hurt your chances ofselling your business to the right buyer. You want to be honest with your VR business intermediary. This means you need to avoid mis Read More>>

Determining the Right Strategy for Your Business that You Buy

Peter King VR CEO In order to determine the strategy that will work effectively after buying your business, there are five essential questions that will help you determine if you will able to implement and push you to prosperity and solidify customer loyalty. As a business owner, you cannot expect to answer these questions quickly,  Read More>>

System and Specializing Makes a Successful Franchise Business

Peter King VR CEO Why do people buy franchises? Because the franchise is a defined and proven business format that offers any aspiring business owner the opportunity to run their own business with an established formula, training and support from the corporate headquarters. Franchising is about taking and building a concept that̵ Read More>>

The Main Two Methods of Valuating a Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Whether you’re selling or buying your business, your VR Intermediary will perform a business valuation. There are two methods that are normally used in business valuations: Multiple of Earnings and Discounted Cash Flow Approach. Multiple of Earnings This method can also be used when valuing a b Read More>>

Different Ways to Financing Your Business

Peter King VR CEO With the majority of businesses,financing to buy a business is going to be needed to both keep your business in operation if you have just bought it and/or if you’re looking to expand your business. Here at VR, we will offer advice and support to small and medium-sized businesses, providing some ways to raise  Read More>>


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