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VR Business Profile: Communicating The Value Of Your Business
One of the most important tools for positioning your business for sale is the VR Business Profile. You have made the decision to sell, the next step is for your business to be presented and marketed professionally and confidentially. Valued Representation of a company involves creating a compelling and effective business profile. If your business is presented like all others, you run the risk that a qualified buyer will not bother to investigate the opportunity.
The VR Business Profile set’s your company apart from other offerings by finding and marketing those strengths specific to your business. Most qualified buyers respond positively to the opportunity surrounding the future and growth potential combined with a strong history. The VR Business Profile takes into consideration the strengths of management, strong supplier relationships, and high standards of service, employee tenure, and name recognition.
A VR Business Profile will concentrate on the strengths of your business and emphasize the elements that have led to its success. Depending on the value of the business being taken to market, the size and scope of the profile will usually vary accordingly.
What are some of the key elements in a VR Business Profile?
  • Executive Summary – overview of the business
  • Recast of Financial Statements
  • A list of the products or services your company provides
  • The company history – including years of operation, recent performance trends, profitability and future potential
  • A statement of management’s reason for the sale
  • An organizational chart
  • Resumes of management and key personnel
  • Market share and general information regarding competition
  • A list of assets
  • Employee overview
  • The proposed price and terms (if this data is to be disclosed)
VR Business Profiles are presented to qualified buyers only after they have executed a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your confidentiality.
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