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What we can do for you:

WE SELL BUSINESSES:  You know how to run your business; we know how to sell it.  From evaluations, pricing, presale planning, marketing, buyer screening, initiating confidentiality, negotiations, support team sourcing and transfer management, we do it all, for you. By letting us do our job, you can continue to do yours.  We work for you.

WE VALUE BUSINESSES:  You need to know what you have before you go to market. How else can you plan the next phase of your life? We are in the business-for-sale marketplace every day.  Our resources, expertise and experience position us to be an authority on the selling price of your business.  Our BizNumber Evaluation program not only tells you what the probable selling price for your business will be, but justifies it with facts and re-affirms it with our ‘Sanity Test’

WE HELP YOU GET READY:  Our ‘Building Blocks of getting your Business Ready to Sell’ is a key part of the BizNumber Evaluation service.  It is here we discuss key factors that can have a positive or negative impact on the selling price and salability of your business.  This is especially critical if our thoughts of the selling price business do not agree with yours.  It is also very prudent to know these things well in advance of selling.  Our BizNumber FAQ webpage also answers many questions that you may have.

WE MARKET YOUR BUSINESS:  We know where buyers are looking for businesses to buy; we also know how to reach those who are not.  Having your business ready for this is key.  Our Business Profiles are prepared to present your business in the best, most realistic manner, possible.  In Wichita, we believe that the market greatly favors the seller of a steady, turnkey business with realistic expectations.

WE SCREEN BUYERS:  We screen our buyers personally to determine that commitment, sincerity, interest, attitude, qualifications, and MONEY are all in place before we disclose any business.  A serious buyer should be committed to the process of buying a business. Experience has shown that individuals who ‘know it all’, won’t commit themselves to the process, or place zero value on emotions make poor buyers and we have yet to complete a transfer with one of them.

WE EDUCATE BUYERS:  There are many different levels of buyer expertise. Knowing this and being prepared to assist as needed is key.  While we work for the seller, we work closely with the buyer. Experience has proven that an educated buyer is more likely to close on the sale of your business. The lower the selling price of your business, the less likely the buyer is to be experienced. We work to help and educate these people to the nuances of business ownership. Our “Entrepreneur's Dream” presentation, support, and referral network are just three of the ways we have helped many buyers achieve their dream.

WE PROTECT CONFIDENTIALITY:  Before anyone can learn about a business or view any information, they must agree to and sign our Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement. In addition to protecting confidentiality, the document highlights the chain of contact and reminds a buyer who we work for. Our utilization of virtual data rooms allows us an even deeper level of protection for you.

WE COMPLETE THE TEAM:  The buying or selling of a business is a decision that can have lifelong ramifications. In addition to having the right business broker, your attorney, financial planner and accountant are critical.  Each has an area of expertise and in many cases the business broker’s perspective has only enhanced the value of the other team members. We especially insist that you have the representation of a capable attorney and accountant through the selling process to provide tax and legal support to mitigate risk and minimize taxes. If you do not have these relationships, we have worked with some of the best and will be happy to help you connect.

WE MANAGE THE PROCESS:  We coordinate the tours, buyer/seller meetings, negotiations and activities of the partied involved in the transfer. We work with attorneys, accountants, landlords, bankers, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, financial advisors and anyone else involved in the process of transferring ownership. We keep things moving, we don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. Our ultimate job is to bring the sale of your business to completion under the terms and conditions that you desire.

WE MITIGATE THE EMOTIONS:  Selling your business can be one of the most emotional things that you will ever do.   Most owners have invested their heart and soul into their ‘baby’.  An emotionally unbiased party can help guide you through the process by viewing the process with more clarity, especially during negotiations.  By gaining a thorough understanding of you and your business we can help to control the egos and emotions (on both sides) that have killed more than one transfer. 


Serving Wichita, KS and The Plains

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BusinessPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
Custom Livestock Processor $1,100,000$1,100,000$1,647,501$348,682Kansas
Specialty Fabrication, Customization & Assembly SOLD $320,000$320,000$330,804$116,628Wichita metro
Franchise Pack and Ship Store SOLD $188,000$188,000$406,139$62,384Wichita, Kansas Metro
Promotional Goods SOLD $51,500$51,500$362,000$25,500Wichita
Auto Repair: Multi-Unit SOLD $250,000$250,000$891,042$96,346Wichita, KS Metro
Electrical Contractor: Heavy Industrial $0$0$4,900,000$1,200,000Wichita, KS

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