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The Legal Status Of A Business Intermediary

Peter King VR CEO The duties and responsibilities of a business intermediary are governed by the laws regarding agency. A business intermediary is the agent for the seller of a business; at law, the seller is the agent's "principal." The intermediary's behavior toward the seller and toward other people involved in the transaction is go ... Read More>>

7 Steps On How To Write An Eye Catching Selling Memorandum

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Prepare a Selling Memorandum when marketing a business to sell. The selling memorandum is a written summary which outlines the selling features of the business, highlighting those points which would be of interest to a prospective purchaser. The package acts very much like a brochure on the business. It prov ... Read More>>

How To Prepare For An Interview With A Qualifying Buyer

Peter King VR CEO All phases of business sales stress being prepared in advance, and the Buyer Interview is no exception. Preparing psychologically in advance empowers you with an inner confidence to control the situation, rather than being controlled by the circumstances. You have successfully handled the Ad Call and closed for the ... Read More>>

The Art Of Selling.....A Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President As with any profession that involves making important decisions, selling skills are key elements to success in Business Sales. Before examining the technical side of the Business Sales industry, it is important to understand a few elements of the psychology of selling to gain an appreciation of the skills ... Read More>>

Managing Big Data as a Small Company: The Challenges

In today's business environment, small companies can be swamped with data of different kinds. Even the most local business is now likely to have some sort of online presence, and this adds a whole new level of useful information to collect and analyze. What is more, the old streams of financial data and customer feedback are still as important as ever. Small companies will face both resource and expertise challenges when considering these issues, and it is important that strategic decisions are ... Read More>>

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