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  What Is An Intermediary
  Is A Franchise Right For You?
  Why Naming Your Business Matters
  Networking Your Way to Success
  How to Conduct Truly Effective Business Meetings
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 Latest Posts
What Is An Intermediary
Peter King VR CEO What is an intermediary you ask? According to Google, it is “a person who acts as a link between people in order to try to bring about an agreement or reconciliation; a mediator.” As business broker practitioners, we prefer to refer to ourselves as “intermediaries” to enhance the professiona ... Read More
Is A Franchise Right For You?
Peter King VR CEO Making the decision to purchase either a private business or a franchise is an important decision when you start out to begin a new business venture. There are many choices, challenges, and many benefits to a franchise opportunity so it is vital to really understand the nuances before you sign on the dotted line. U ... Read More
Why Naming Your Business Matters
JoAnn Lombardi VR President Coming up with a business name that is compelling, memorable, not already taken, has an available web address, and makes sense is not an easy task. Though it involves a lot of work, picking a name for your business is critical so it pays to invest the time and effort into making sure you have a name you wi ... Read More
Networking Your Way to Success
Peter King VR CEO Whether you are seeking to buy or sell a business, networking can be an invaluable resource to gain both perspective and information. The overall importance of not “being an island,” but rather being actively involved in both your local business community and local area community is imperative to be sur ... Read More
How to Conduct Truly Effective Business Meetings
JoAnn Lombardi VR President Meetings can be either extremely effective or a big waste of time. The difference in the outcome depends on the planning that takes place beforehand. 1. Establish a Meeting Objective and Stick to it Effective meetings serve a useful purpose. This is because an objective is outlined and all conversation i ... Read More