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Avoid These Pitfalls When Selling Your Business

BusinessesForSale.com From a lack of preparation to proceeding without the help of a business broker, these are some of the most common mistakes made by sellers. Selling a business for a satisfactory return and within your preferred timescale can be a challenging prospect. Attracting buyers requires a focused approach, careful groundwork a ... Read More>>

How To Streamline Your Office: A Business Broker's Guide

BusinessesForSale.com All business brokers need a back-office function to deliver whatever the business needs at any particular time. This means that some business people invest in more capacity than they actually need, so that their firm is not overrun at peak times. However, working efficiently means cutting away excess resource so that th ... Read More>>

Trademark Counterfeiters: The Scourge to What You Build

Peter King VR CEO When you hear the word “Counterfeit”, most people instantly think of someone printing money and trying to pass it off as the real thing. In the franchise world a Counterfeiter is someone who has taken your registered trademarks and changed them ever so slightly with the intent to trade off your good ... Read More>>

2015 VR Business Brokers Awards

JoAnn Lombardi VR President ... Read More>>

5 Things You Need to Know When Selling Your Business

BusinessesForSale.com Selling your business is never going to be an easy process. It’ll take longer than you expect, and could be more complicated than you anticipate. However, if done correctly, it can set you up financially for the next step in your life – whether that’s retirement, another business venture or something els ... Read More>>

Closely Held Businesses and Compensation Plans

Duane Merchant, CFP® Financial Advisor How to ARM Your Key Employees for Success Most business owners would love to have employees who are as passionate about the company as they are. It makes sense: The future of a closely-held or family business depends on how securely its select employees are tied to it. But creating ... Read More>>

Coaching in Business: DIY or Bring in the Professionals?

BusinessesForSale.com While some prefer to go it alone, small business owners are increasingly using the services of a coach to help them streamline their day to day operations. Efficiency is an essential attribute to business success but often we forget about the effectiveness of the entrepreneur themselves. Being a business owner who has g ... Read More>>

It Won’t Happen To Me!

Doug Smith Biz Finance Solutions Have you felt the impact of increased regulation on the small business sector? It seems that no matter which business vertical you are involved in, some government entity wants to make sure you are carrying out your business activities in a manner compliant with laws and regulations. Some of these ... Read More>>

Which Retirement Rollover Company Should YOU Use?

Doug Smith Biz Finance Solutions Since the passage of ERISA in 1974 (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act), thousands of new businesses have been financed by retirement funds without penalties or a taxable distribution. Using their existing retirement funds held by a former-employer qualified retirement plan or IRA to fin ... Read More>>

How to Sell to Millennials

BusinessesForSale.com Move over Baby Boomers. The next market business brokers should be paying attention to is Millennials, whom are defined as being between ages 18 to 34 in 2015. There are many misconceptions about this generation, but in reality, Millennials are the future business owners of America. The Power of the Millennial Genera ... Read More>>

Employment Based Fifth Preference (EB-5 Program) - A Summary

Larry Behar Behar Law Group The fifth employment based visa preference category ("EB-5"), created by Congress in 1990, is available to immigrants seeking to enter the United States in order to invest in a new commercial enterprise that will benefit the US economy and create at least 10 full-time jobs. The EB-5 Program is governed b ... Read More>>

Just How Important Is Location When Choosing a Business

BusinessesForSale.com It’s been the mantra of real estate agents forever, and it still rings true when discussing the relative values of any sort of residential or commercial property. But, this focus on location is an even more important factor when that real estate purchase involves starting or taking over a business. Here are three ... Read More>>

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