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Peter King and JoAnn Lombardi, VR Business Brokers Executives
State of the Company

Valued Representation... It’s the meaning behind our name; it’s what we deliver to every client.

Drawing on our heritage as the leader in the sales of privately-held business, VR and its specialized intermediaries around the globe continue to define the organization’s market position as the company that cares and respects its clients.

We are proud of our long history of keeping our promises to our clients, and believe that we are in a better environment than ever to capitalize on hard work and our superior position in the markets where we operate. While we are confident, we are not content. We are always thinking about what comes next. That’s the sign of a healthy business.

Recognizing that our challenge now is to build on our legacy and realize the full potential of our organization; we are positioned to accelerate growth, increase our average sales price, sell a higher percentage of our engagements, develop cross boarder opportunities, and continue to develop educational tools through the VR Master Business Intermediary program, and most importantly, do it with the right people.

Strategy that Delivers

We have capitalized on strategies developed during the past few years of economic challenge around the globe. These strategies culminated in a highly developed effective operating expense model for our franchisees. The changes underscore our confidence in our business strategies to succeed over the long term with a focus on controlled growth rather than sales based on survival. VR will never be a franchise factory, its culture is that of a boutique firm catering to the needs of the privately held business, no matter how large the organization grows.

We’re improving existing business models and developing new ones to meet the demands of our general business sales core, and the exploding lower middle-market sector where the brand continues to develop. Today's VR owner sees no boundaries. No geographic boundaries! No transactional size boundaries! No transactional volume boundaries! 

This past year was not for the faint of heart; but at year-end, the domestic jobless rate dropped to a near 3-year low of 8.5%. This is the strongest evidence yet that the economic recovery is slowly gaining steam. People who could not or would not sell their businesses in the past three years are now ready. VR is positioned to help put people back to work. One business at a time.

Talent and Leadership Bring Success

The talent of VR people is the single most important factor in our ability to differentiate ourselves from the competition. It is the essential element that enables us to be responsive in times of adversity as seen in the past three years and in the times of opportunity that we believe are ahead. By committing ourselves to cultivating talent and leadership throughout the organization, we are doing what is needed to make sure our business thrives for decades to come.
Our focus on talent touches every aspect of how we manage the operations. It requires us to embrace collaboration and diversity. It means understanding where we are strong, where we need to work harder to develop, and where we need to seek fresh ideas. By committing ourselves to attracting and developing the best talent in our profession, VR Business Brokers will be able to deliver more value to our clients.

The mission: continue to build a globally recognized brand.

The vision: to help clients around the globe acquire or divest the privately held business.

The target: domestic and international growth with the best people.

On behalf of both of us, and intermediaries around the world, we remain,


Peter C. King                                                        JoAnn Lombardi
CEO                                                                     President
  • +1 (800) 377-8722
  • 2601 E. Oakland Park Blvd, Suite 300 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

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