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The VR Business Sales | Mergers & Acquisitions office located in Greenville, SC provides professional intermediary services to owners and acquirers of small to mid-sized businesses generally located in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Our mission is to help business owners successfully sell their businesses at the right time and for the best possible price.  At the same time, we enable qualified entrepreneurs to successfully purchase a business that meets their professional, financial, and lifestyle objectives.  We are proud to have trust, honesty and integrity as fundamental values in our process.  Our network of business intermediaries work together to not only complete the sales transaction, but also to serve as an advocate for our clients throughout each phase of the transaction.

Below is a list of our current publicly listed engagements. In addition, we have several other engagements in development which may not appear below. Please contact us to discuss your acquisition interests so that we can keep you fully updated on all of our opportunities.

Each office is independently owned and operated. Our office is owned by SuccessBased, LLC.
BusinessPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
Plastics Fabrication Business For Sale: $86k Cash $175,000$175,000$403,555$85,780Upstate South Carolina
Profitable Lawn Maintenance: $64k Cash Flow $165,000$165,000$230,198$63,783Greenville, South Carolina
3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging Business: $91k Cash Flow $199,000$199,000$172,777$90,863Upstate South Carolina
Consumer Products Company (As seen on Shark Tank)! $400,000$400,000$450,000$100,055Greenville, South Carolina
Childcare Center w/ Real Estate: New price $725k $725,000$725,000$357,966$100,490Upstate South Carolina
Investment Commercial Building (Under Contract) $359,000$359,000$64,800$60,000Greenville, SC
Specialty Fabrication & Installation B2B business $1,500,000$1,500,000$2,151,575$509,774Upstate South Carolina
Specialty Retail Store For Sale: $80k Cash Flow $199,000$199,000$483,947$80,278Greenville, South Carolina
Ubatuba Boxer Shorts $65,000$65,000$108,000$75,000Greenville, SC
Upscale neighborhood Restaurant: $114k Cash Flow $299,000$299,000$974,777$113,108Greenville, SC
Apparel Embroidery & Branding: $216k SDE SOLD $1,248,000$1,248,000$1,303,140$216,063Upstate South Carolina
Landscape Service Business - $337k cash flow SOLD $750,000$750,000$916,421$337,133Upstate South Carolina
Pet Day Care, Boarding, Grooming SOLD $199,000$149,000$308,099$86,818Upstate South Carolina
Brewery, Winery & HomebrewSupply SOLD $175,000$175,000$214,341$107,070Upstate South Carolina
Plastics Manufacturer - $101k CF SOLD $310,000$310,000$522,949$100,569Upstate, SC
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  • 1024 East North Street Suite A Greenville, SC 29601

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