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Deciding To Sell Your Business

Millions of businesses change ownership each year around the world, and though the reasons for selling vary, there is one goal that remains constant…unlocking the maximum value from the sale. Every owner will one day exit their business. The informed and well represented seller should address the following questions:
  • When is the right time to sell or divest?
  • Should I sell all or part of the business?
  • Is the company ready for sale?
  • Should I be building for a future sale?
  • What can be done to maximize the value of the business?
  • Who can help me unlock value?
  • And…Where do I find Valued Representation? Any VR office worldwide!

Seize the Moment

You have made the decision to sell your business. Choosing Valued Representation through a VR business intermediary is the next step in the complex process of fulfilling your personal needs to exit the business. Drawing on the substantial knowledge and experience of the thousands of executed transactions, VR will start by:

  • Advising you on pricing and different structures for the sale of the business
  • Preparing a VR Business Profile and confidentially launch a marketing campaign
  • Screen, qualify, and follow up with parties that have shown interest in the business
  • Educating buyers on the VR buying process
  • Communicating to you the market reaction to your business and buyer interest
  • Facilitating negotiations and structure the transaction
  • Assisting the buyer and seller with financing options

While VR is managing the process of selling your business with the goal of a successful transaction, it is critical that you continue managing your business efficiently while we market the opportunity. Your VR intermediary will be an invaluable advisor during the entire process, offering experience and negotiation skills so the business is positioned in a manner which is attractive and understandable to buyers.

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