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what is my business worth in CharlotteWhat We Do

VR Business Brokers' located in Charlotte, NC specializes in providing intermediary services for buyers and sellers in the greater Charlotte and Southeast region. VR Business Brokers' helps business owners confidentially sell their business and enables entrepreneurs to successfully purchase the right type of business and control their own financial future. 
How We Do It
VR brings the investment banking mentality to the small business owner. We provide confidential services with an emphasis on protecting and helping our clients enhance the value of their business. We have a proven system to help sellers and buyers through the transaction including:
  • Confidentiality/Discretion.
  • Professional Representation.
  • Maximum Marketing and Business Listing Exposure.
We provide peace of mind to the business owner– we handle the details so you can remain focused on the business.
Why It Works

Process: We are part of the VR system and VR has been the leader in the business brokerage industry for over 35 years and has been serving Charlotte, NC since 1998.

Experience: VR Has Sold More Businesses in The World Than Anyone.® We have helped others sell their business in Charlotte, NC.

Common Interests: We are a 100% Performance Based brokerage firm. We get paid when your business is sold.

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Each office is independently owned and operated. Our office is owned by Providence Advisory Partners, LLC.
BusinessPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
Metal Fabricator & Distributor $450,000$225,000$669,393$157,163North Carolina
Growing Full Service Salon in Charlotte, NC $99,000$99,000$238,395$98,762Charlotte, NC
Neighborhood Pizza Restaurant $175,000$175,000$336,538$62,081Indian Trail, NC
Women's Boutique Retail Store $75,000$75,000$281,651($5,579)Charlotte, NC
Fabricator of Fine Custom Cabinets and Countertops $225,000$225,000$0$0Charlotte, NC
Physical Therapy Practice ( with Real Estate) $550,000$550,000$314,718$94,932Matthews, NC
Specialty and Event Candy Shop $70,000$70,000$152,573$29,357North Charlotte Metro Area
Very Profitable Custom Masonry Business $4,300,000$645,000$3,578,076$1,622,106Charlotte, NC
Lighting Supplier Company $250,000$250,000$339,283$98,652Charlotte Metro Area
Plumbing Company $550,000$357,500$1,288,727$256,633Rock Hill SC
Wholesale Grocery Distributor $6,000,000$6,000,000$34,911,717$679,764Charlotte, NC
Plumbing and HVAC Business $8,500,000$8,500,000$0$0North Carolina
Unique Ice Cream/Novelty Store $550,000$550,000$171,995$20,867North Charlotte Area
Excellent Limousine Company $270,000$270,000$267,254$106,878Charlotte
Upscale Women's Clothing Boutique $85,000$85,000$445,488$53,091Charlotte, NC
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  • (704) 360-8898
  • 9301 Monroe Rd. Suite L Charlotte, NC 28270

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