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What Makes a Successful Franchisor

Peter King VR CEO When you become a franchise owner, there are a variety of benefits that you will receive such as the franchisor’s name and brand, the quality service or product already in place and marketing support and assistance. Name recognition, in particular, can provide you with great success as a franchisee. As t Read More>>

Applying Lessons from Past Experiences of Other Business Owners

JoAnn Lombardi VR President The basic rules of business strategy remain the same in the age of the Internet. Like selling gum in a store, selling products on a computer screen isn’t about technology. It’s about what you’re selling and if there is a demand in the marketplace and marketspace. For example, a tech Read More>>

Developing a High Performance Business Web

Peter King VR CEO The first step in creating a high performance business web is to separate the value proposition that the end customer receives and experiences. Think about the genuine customer needs that your service addresses, not just what you do to get the business. Avoid preoccupation with the channels that stand between you an Read More>>


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