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Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Become a Better Business Leader

JoAnn Lombardi
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In order to be both a successful entrepreneur—and a successful business person—you first need to become a successful leader.

The ability to keep your staff and service providers motivated and on track can be the single most important aspect of your everyday life.

Great leadership is a quality that can be learned and strengthened with the correct know how.  Here then is what you need to remember when embarking on a mission to improve your leadership abilities.

You have to fail in order to succeed

Aspiring entrepreneurs have great ideas, but often times are afraid of doing things “wrong” so they get frozen in the fear of possible failure.

But if you change your perception to realize that each time you fail at something you are learning, then you can realize that failure is ok as you are able to move forward from each and every mistake.

Take time to celebrate accomplishments

Take a moment each day to remember how capable and competent you are. Don’t let self-doubt or anxiety distort your self-image. Celebrate daily successes to mark how you are continually progressing.  "Don’t continually focus on how much has not gotten done…yet.  Keep your mind on what you have done.

Remember the most obvious solution isn’t always the best solution

Yes it is good to look at other similar businesses and take advice from other professionals. But ultimately as an entrepreneur you need to be thinking a step ahead of those around you in order to make your own mark. Independent thinking is not reckless thinking. It means that you are making good decisions that make sense for your own situation and your own business.  Sometimes solutions that are most expected or obvious might be the easy road. However, these easy fixes can overlook details that offer a more productive outcome.

Always focus on results

By continually looking ahead at what it takes to grow your business you will empower your people and instill confidence in them to succeed along with you. Let your staff and vendors know your goals so that they can see how their actions are playing into your overall plan.

Always keep improving your leadership abilities

Foster a productive team environment and you will have a team that is ready to stand behind you and do what it takes to win. Positive environments can improve productivity and inspire innovation.

Look For Opportunities

If you have what it takes to be a successful business leader, consider opening your own VR Business Broker Office!


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