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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How To Deliver a Business Listing Presentation To a Seller

Peter King
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Your effectiveness as a listing agent depends on your ability to make a good listing presentation to a potential seller.

Professional business intermediaries understand that the key is to determine the seller's true motivation for selling. You must discover how far along the seller is in the "thinking about it" stage as well as what he plans on doing after the business is sold.

The key question is: "What will you do after you sell?"

The three stages of selling (know me, like me, trust me) and rapport building must take place during the initial get acquainted meeting with the seller. Business owners who have decided to sell have made a major decision and are seeking assurance that the intermediary is knowledgeable, competent and someone they can trust. By finding common ground and building rapport, you can relieve the seller of some of the stress associated with selling. Establishing rapport is easier when you remember that the intent of the listing appointment is to discuss the seller, his business, and his reason for selling.

At this stage, you have relatively little information about the business, and the seller has relatively little information about you. In order to "ask for action" (close the seller to sign the listing), you must exchange enough information so that the seller feels secure about his decision to use your company and you have demonstrated your professional ability to service their need.

A good listing presentation is a two-step process. First you ask questions, listen, and build a better overall picture of the business. This will help you recognize opportunities for a potential buyer as well as develop some ideas about the pricing. The second step is when you turn the conversation around and present the features and benefits of using your network to sell the business.

Try not to lecture the business seller. However, at the same time you must try to help him see the business from a buyer's point of view. Educate him as to a buyer's expectations and explain which issues will be important to a buyer. For example, how easy/difficult is the business to learn? Are there any key employees who will stay? What/Who is the competition, etc? All of these factors will affect the marketability of a business.

During this part of your listing appointment you should also use a Listing Presentation Folder. The examples and information in the folder act as a visual validation to the seller of what you say.

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A commitment to two-way communication is needed to effectively conduct a listing presentation. The result is a win/win relationship between the intermediary and the seller..
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