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What You Get When You Buy a Franchise

JoAnn Lombardi VR President When you are looking to buy a business, a franchise can be a smart investment. Anyone can run a franchise as long as you adhere to the company guidelines. There are many reasons why you should consider buying a franchise: Successful Business Model You will have a greater chance of success when you buy a Read More>>

Investigate Your Financing Options When Buying a Business

Peter King VR CEO Raising capital is one of the most important requirements when you buy a business. You will be required to prepare a well-thought-out business plan. This is vital not only for when you are using capital to buy a business but also for budgeting initial operating expenses. Additionally, a business plan will help cred Read More>>

Price vs. Value

Peter King VR CEO A common misconception is that a business’ price is the same as its value. This is not always true. Price can be determined by many factors including deal terms, buyer perception, etc. There are many types of value as well, including fair market value, fair value and value to the buyer. Price can be skewed up Read More>>

Valuation Considerations When Buying or Selling a Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President The single most important decision in making an acquisition (or completing a merger) is in determining the value or setting the price. In a traditional merger, where the acquiredbusiness' shareholders exchange their stock for stock in the acquiring business, the negotiation of price seems simple – wh Read More>>


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