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Five Common Valuation Myths

Peter King VR CEO Business valuationis a complex discipline. Much of its lingo, logic and underlying mathematics can be incomprehensible to those outside the profession, giving rise to many misconceptions. So let's set the record straight concerning five common valuation myths. 1. Net income and net free cash flow are synonymous.  Read More>>

What Buyers Look For In A Business Opportunity

JoAnn Lombardi VR President You have built a great business with love and care. It has grown larger than you’dever imagined, and generates a nice profit that has allowed you and your family to livecomfortably. Now you’re ready to sell. You assume there’s a buyer out there who willpay you a fair price and then nurtur Read More>>

Companies Can Improve Their Bottom Lines with a Spin-Off

Peter King VR CEO Slimming Down Companies Can Improve Their Bottom Lines with a Spin-Off If your company suffers from growing pains or anticipates a hard stretch due to the current economic climate, you may want to consider a spin-off. Spinning off a business or unit can provide a variety of benefits, such as yielding much-needed c Read More>>

Keys to Negotiating a Successful M&A Deal

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Whether you'rebuyingorselling a business, a few guidelines can help you negotiate a deal more effectively and improve your chances for an advantageous outcome. While you're probably already familiar with basic negotiation strategies, most parties to an M&A transaction can use a refresher course when it Read More>>


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