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The Offer of Sale between the Buyer and Seller

Peter King VR CEO For an offer to take place on a business, rapport has to be established first. This is where the sale begins. As stated in every VR Listing Agreement, the best will be done by the VR Business Broker to find a buyer to sell over the engagement. For a sale to be done successfully, a positive relationship must be cre Read More>>

How to be Successful as a Franchise Owner

Peter King VR CEO After you’ve done your research, weighed the advantages and disadvantages, the hours you’re willing to spend managing and you’re ready to select the franchise that interests you; this question will come up: how will your business make money. No franchise company can guarantee this, regardless of  Read More>>

Calculating the Working Capital that You Have Available

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Working capital describes capital (usually cash) as it moves through a business. It first flows from a company to pay for supplies, materials, finished goods inventory and wages to workers who produce goods and services. It then flows into a company as goods and services sold as well as through new investm Read More>>

Internet Marketing is Only Part of the Overall Package

JoAnn Lombardi VR President The objective of Internet marketing is to be integrated into the overall marketing strategy, where it can support and be supported by offline marketing activities. That doesn't mean Internet marketing is not about a big idea, some compelling graphics and a killer catchphrase. Whereas offline marketin Read More>>


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