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VR Opens New Portugal Offices

Peter King VR CEO VR is proud to announce our international expansion with the opening of the first two offices in Portugal. Now that we have commenced operations in Santa Maria as well as the capital in Lisbon, we can penetrate Portugal's market along with the locations that we have opened in Panama, Mexico, Chille and Spain. As we Read More>>

When is it the right time to sell your business?

When is it the “right” time to sell your business?Obviously the perfect time to sell is when profits are at their peak, sales are growing, the economy is strong, and there is a huge pool of prospective buyers looking for businesses.So if it’s not the perfect time to sell; can it still be the right time? Earnings drive value.The market value of your business closely follows both the financial performance and bottom line.So if sales and earnings are up it isn’t hard to d Read More>>


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