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Franchising Your Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Franchising is the technique for any business regardless of its size to expand its operation into other branches. This process is regarded as one of the safest means of accomplishing growth. However, it requires careful planning to be successful. If you can set up your course of action appropriately, there Read More>>

Why a Buyer Needs to Submit a Personal Financial Statement

Peter King VR CEO First, a VR business intermediary has many listings that are available in all sizes and price ranges. He/she is often able to use his/her experience to assist a buyer in finding additional sources of money that can be used for a sale. Additionally our contractual agreements with business sellers require tha Read More>>

Obtaining a Great Return from a Venture Capital Investment

Peter King VR CEO Any private equity or venture capital investor will seek a high return on its capital. They don’t purchase debt instruments simply to obtain a yield on interest. On the contrary, the main goal of PE/VC transaction is to obtain geometric returns when success has happened for the portfolio business that results Read More>>


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