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Farming a Continual Network of Referrals for Your Business

Peter King VR CEO Like any farmer, as a business owner, you want to be continually planting seeds to further develop your network. If you are harvesting your latest crop of potatoes, you want to be preparing for the next sowing. You’re not going to sit and not grow anything further while other farmers are already at work for th Read More>>

Due Diligence in Knowing Internet Laws and Regulations for Your Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Regardless of the business that you are in, you must know and understand the various laws and regulations that apply to the Internet. Not only do you want to pay attention to any copyrighted and trademarked material that you may have on your web site without proper consent, you want to give due diligen Read More>>

Recognizing Copyrighted and Trademarked Material on Your Business Web Site

Peter King VR CEO No matter what the kind of business that you are in and products that you sell; if you have a web site, you need to be aware and able to address all the legal issues that you could be privy to in a court of law. These comprise of various types of digitized content such as graphics, text, images, music and codi Read More>>

Having a Systematic PR Plan Will Raise Exposure for Your Business

Peter King VR CEO In order to use public relations effectively for your business, you need to learn to anticipate the company's future. Regardless of if you want to sell your business or where your product or service is positioned, you need to be able to define potential problems and adopt a strategy to evaluate customer feedback Read More>>

Why Behaving Ethically is Important for Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President It’s not unusual to look in the newspaper or on the Internet any day of the week to find at least one business scandal that has taken place. It’s not shocking for people to read about how a corporation such as Enron violated the rules of engagement that’s accepted by society. Whether  Read More>>

The Make-up of a Successful Business Owner

Peter King VR CEO With any profession, there are characteristics that allow certain people to excel in their business over others who do not posses such traits. The world of entrepreneurship is no different. There are key characteristics that allow business owners to make their companies profitable, earn the respect of their emp Read More>>

Why Public Relations is Important in Business

Peter King VR CEO All of us would agree that investing in creating a strong, credible image for our business is a worthwhile endeavor. We also know that long-term, business-building advertising and marketing activities are absolutely necessary for sustaining the effective business sales. However, many of us are not awar Read More>>

Dealing with the Ethical Saga in Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Given the increasing social impact of business, ethics has emerged as a discrete subject over the last 20 years. Business ethics is concerned with exploring the moral principles by that we can evaluate business organizations in relation to their impact on people and the environment. There are fo Read More>>

Why You Need to Understand Legal Issues in E-Commerce

Peter King VR CEO In any e-business strategy, it is important to address comprehensively the key legal issues. At a basic level, these are matters such as copyright and libel; at a more advance level, such things as restrictions pertaining to the sale of your product within particular jurisdictions that requires attention. When  Read More>>

Mistakes to Avoid When Approaching E-Commerce Law

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Many small business owners will make some serious errors in regards to paying attention to e-commerce law. Knowing the key legal issues such as copyright and libel to restrictions regarding product sales is imperative for you to know that will keep you from having to enter a courthouse. From thinking Read More>>

Many small business owners will make some serious errors regarding paying attention to e-commerce law. Knowing the key legal issues such as copyright and libel to restrictions regarding product sales is imperative for you to know that will keep you from having to enter a courthouse. From thinking the law is too complex or that it doesn't apply to your business to procrastinating when hit with a libel suit, owners too often don’t pay attention to the regulations that can come back a Read More>>

Determining the Right Selling Price for a Dry Cleaning Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President According to the International Fabricare Institute, dry cleaning businesses are currently selling for a multiple of 70-100% of the gross sales. The correct percentage to use is often determined by the age and condition of the dry cleaning equipment. They generally have a lifespan of approximately 20 ye Read More>>

Avoiding the Top Five Most Common Business Scams

Peter King VR CEO Scam artists have become more adept at exploiting the weaknesses of small businesses. While some of these business scams are golden oldies, they’re still putting money into the scammer’s pocket – effectively taking it out of the pockets of many small business owners. The best defense agains Read More>>

What Holds a Business Owner Back from Offering Seller Financing

Peter King VR CEO Many sellers do not understand the value to both the buyer and seller when it comes to presenting an offer to finance a part of their business. Perhaps a competent broker has not explained the market as it exists today to them. On the other hand, there are a few situations that require mostly or all cash in an of Read More>>


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