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Evaluating a Franchise

Peter King VR CEO Franchising has become more popular and commonplace with every passing year. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA),franchise businesses provide more than 8 million jobs in the United States. The strength in this sector is an outgrowth of the many advantages that are associated with owning a franchise Read More>>

Buying a Business Instead of Starting One

JoAnn Lombardi VR President So you’ve made the decision to own a business. Hundreds of people work their way through the same thought process, weighing the costs and benefits of self-employment versus career employment. Yes, there are risks to taking the route of owning your own business; but when youbuy an existing business a Read More>>

Doing a Business Valuation as a First Time Buyer

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Every entrepreneur that’sbuying a business for the first time is faced with the challenge of determining what the fair price for a given business is. Whether other reasonable parties will disagree,business valuation is equally both an art and science. Commonly, small businesses are valued at a m Read More>>

Choosing the Right Business for You as a Buyer

Peter King VR CEO When you are looking to buy a business, it is important to find the right business first before worrying about the right price. Never base your search simply on finding a good deal because you will find yourself ultimately in a place that you don’t want to be. The price must be considered secondary to your Read More>>

Having Your Business Family Operated

Peter King VR CEO When you are looking to buy or sell a business, a common area of dispute comes from involving family members. In some cases, some family members will contribute a great deal of work without being paid a single penny at the same time that others may be doing little or no work while receiving large sums of money or se Read More>>

When to Begin Due Diligence as a Business Buyer

JoAnn Lombardi VR President The intangible that connects the right business to the right price is due diligence. This refers to the period of time during that the buyer is free to examine the seller and their business. Due diligence also refers to the efforts made by the seller toevaluate the buyer’s financial statement and res Read More>>

Asking Yourself the 7 Questions When Looking to Buy a Business

Peter King VR CEO If you are looking to become a successful business owner, you need to be able to ask yourself if you have what it takes. First of all, if you are looking tobuy a business just to be able to pay your bills and have no debt; then don’t bother moving ahead. When you make the decision to buy a business, your goal  Read More>>

How to Approach Selling Your Business

Peter King VR CEO When you are a selling your business, you must define exactly what is being sold to determine how to price and structure the sale, understand how thebuyer will analyze the business sale opportunity and plan a win-win tone for discussion with that buyer. The overall value to the seller in a sale is the combination of Read More>>

Implementing an Identity for Your Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President All businesses have an identity, regardless of whether they control or effectively manage it. You can increase the efficiency of your business by concentrating on developing a desirable identity to project to customers, use as a tool to prove internal direction and orientate strategic development. Typ Read More>>

Identity’s Omnipotent Scope in Business

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Every business has a unique identity that can be used as a valuable asset. Regardless of the size, all businesses currently face challenges to their identity from a myriad of areas. There are three problem areas regarding identity management. Ever-Similar Products and Services This has led to customer Read More>>


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