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5 Ways to Prepare For Business Transaction Deal Breakers

Peter King VR CEO You’re buying a rival company. The transaction is nearly complete. At the last minute, an unexpected problem arises, and the deal falls apart. This nightmare scenario plays out countless times every year. But you greatly increase the odds of a smooth andsuccessful acquisition by looking for potential deal brea Read More>>

The VR Transaction Process: 20 steps For A Successful Sale - Pt II

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Last week our CEO Peter King took a look at the first 10 steps in the VR Transaction Process. This week we will continue with the remaining 10. This proven methodology is time tested and will guide you down the path to a successful transaction. Without further ado: 11. Offer Acceptance or Counter Of Read More>>

The VR Transaction Process: 20 Steps To A Successful Sale - Part 1

Peter King VR CEO With over 30 years of experience in selling small to medium enterprises (SME), VR has developed a dynamic and effective Transaction Process to promote a win/win outcome for both Buyer and Seller. Over the next two blog entries, we shall be sharing with you the 20 Step VR Process to Selling your business. Here are  Read More>>

Six Strategies for Surviving a Tight Credit Environment

JoAnn Lombardi VR President Tightened credit conditions are almost inevitable when the economy slows down. The cost of credit rises and lenders naturally become more risk-averse. There's no way to get around the reality of tighter credit markets, but certain strategies can help your business survive - and even grow - during the downt Read More>>


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