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List Everything or Be Selective

Peter King VR CEO A debate has raged within the business brokerage industry ever since there has been a business brokerage industry about the proper approach to taking a listing. Let’s look at both sides of this issue and see what makes sense for you. There are two main schools of thought on this; first, list everything you ca Read More>>

Creative Deal Structuring

JoAnn Lombardi VR President CREATIVE DEAL STRUCTURING: EARNOUT AGREEMENTS Acquisition talks are proceeding smoothly. Then the subject of price comes up. Thebuyer thinks the seller’s asking price is based on overly optimistic financialprojections. The seller believes the buyer’s valuation of his company is far too low. Is Read More>>

Every Business Is A Risky Business!

Peter King VR CEO Every business faces risks, but some companies are riskier than others. Assessing a company’s risk is an important part of estimating its value. Risk and value are inversely related. That is, the higher a company’s risk, the lower its value. Risk is a function of a company’s external threats and in Read More>>

Buying A Business - Putting Together an Effective Business Plan

JoAnn Lombardi VR President When you are going to buy a business, it’s important that you understand how a business plan works. There are many people that before they bought a business had never created a business plan. At VR Business Brokers, we will educate you on formulating an effective plan when you come in for a consult Read More>>

How To Be A Successful Business Broker

Peter King VR CEO Hundreds of articles, primers, books and opinions have been written on “How To Be A Successful Business Broker”, but the simple answer is it requires working hard and working smart! Yes, we know everyone considers themselves a “hard worker” as it may very well be, but it really takes hard wo Read More>>


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