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Joining VR: The Step by Step Guide

steps to becoming a business broker franchise

Self-Directed Research While you navigate through this website you will find basic information about our company. Reviewing this information will enable you to understand who we are, what we do, our corporate philosophies, how we are positioned in the market, and our vision.
become a business broker guideTake time to review our social media - it can really give you an idea about VR's "Personality" and our corporate culture. Go to the office directory on www.vrbb.com and review the websites developed for our individual offices so that the franchisees don't have to go to additional expense to develop and optimize a website. After all, unlike most franchises, at VR you will be transacting business with the other offices in the organization. This is why we live by the words, "you are only as good as your friends".
Request More Information
Now that we have sparked your interest and you have started to see yourself as a business leader in your community and a trusted adviser to those wishing to buy or sell a business, you want more. Well, that's what we are here for.
We are always looking for the right people to help develop the organization! Selling franchises and granting franchises to the right people are two different things. At VR you will not be dealing with high pressure sales people while investigating the opportunity.
Executive Discussion
We would like to get to know better and discuss the VR opportunity, our philosophies, where we are going and how we differ from our peers. This informal conversation takes place with one of the principles of VR, and not a franchise sales person. We are building an international boutique firm, not a franchise factory. Getting to know each other allows us to answer questions about VR, discuss the direction and goals of the organization, talk openly about the industry, and go into more depth about your local market.
By the end of our discussion we can decide, together, whether we should continue to the next steps of investigation.
Send us your Confidential Request for Consideration Form
Time to formalize your interest by completing our VR Request for Consideration Form. It will be reviewed confidentially and you will be contacted within three working days if we have any questions.
The VR Webinar
Before our next conversation we think it's important for us to share more information with you about how we operate, educate, and support the people in VR. Our Director of Education and Professional Development is going to take you behind the scenes at the VR, and show you our training curriculum, the back end lead management platform, as well as the proprietary BizEx listing system, and online VR Marketing Store.
This is an open forum for your questions. You could even meet other prospective franchisees, who you may be working with in the future.
Item #7 Estimated Initial Investment
We are going to forward to you Item #7 from the Franchise Disclosure Document. Item #7 is the Estimated Initial Investment for a VR franchise. On a telephone call we are going to review with you each line item so there is complete understanding on your part as to the capital required.
Franchise Disclosure Document
At this point most people have genuine interest in our organization or have decided VR is not for them.
For those excited, one more brief discussion with a principle of VR to review your position and answer more questions, and its time for us to send you our Franchise Disclosure Document ("FDD"). You are required to sign the "Acknowledgement of Receipt" page at the back of the document and return it to us, showing you have received the FDD. For those not wanting to move forward with a VR franchise, you have not wasted any of your time. One of VR's intermediaries can help you investigate 100's of other franchises or the purchase of an existing business.
Franchisee Validation Telephone Calls
VR operates with an open culture of communication. We require prospects to speak with franchisees so they can realize the high quality of individuals in our organization and get additional questions answered from people directly in the field. The feed back we get from our franchisees aids in our final decision as to whether or not grant a franchise.
Visit our Headquarters and our Team
We are pleased to invite you to visit our Headquarters. You will have the chance to meet us and to further analyze the VR franchise opportunity. When in town we will take you to visit local VR offices and meet the owners and associates. This trip is optional if both parties feel comfortable in proceeding.
Review FDD and Execute the Franchise Agreement
Once you have reviewed the FDD, we arrange to discuss the document and decide if we are moving forward. If yes, and we have all decided that your new business and career will include a VR business, then Franchise Agreements will be drafted and sent to you for execution.
Training at VR Global Headquarters
Now the work begins. As you would have reviewed elsewhere on this site our VR Initial Owners Training consists of a 3 week program. This specially designed program uses the latest in educational, training, and coaching techniques. On average it takes 6 to 8 weeks from the time you send us your "Request for Information" to the time you’ll be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for training.
Go ahead and complete our request for information form below. After completing this form, a representative from the VR Global Headquarters will call to start the process.
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