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3 Week Comprehensive Initial Owner Training

business broker trainingPut simply: VR offers the most comprehensive training program available in the industry! Realizing how important education and professional development are to one’s success, VR operates with a blended training approach that encompasses; live in person training, virtual classrooms, and cloud-based self-study. As a new VR franchisee you will begin your education with the 3 week VR Initial Owner Training, which is broken into a 3 phase proprietary program.

Phase 1

Through the VR Master Business Intermediary Academy you will begin your education with a variety of proprietary online VR classes. The ten day program includes, but is not limited too:
-How to do a Local Market Analysis
-Essential Tips for Being a Productive Intermediary
-Competitive Intelligence
-Business Networking
-Prospecting for Engagements
-Formal Seller Presentation
-Strategic Marketing for Buyers
-Buyer Management
-Negotiation Techniques
-Transaction Management
-Recasting and Financial Analysis
-Advanced Recasting and Financial Analysis
-Business Valuation and Pricing
-Due Diligence
-Closing the Deal
These courses are selected from our MBI Academy inventory of over 80 courses and presentations to give you an understanding and basic background prior to attending class at our Corporate Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our staff will be there to discuss each course as you work your way through the agend

Phase 2

business broker schoolOnce you have successfully completed Phase 1, you will be scheduled to attend Phase 2 training in the VR Corporate Headquarters. This 5 day intense training class is limited to no more than 3 franchisees at any given time, and takes place in a boardroom setting. Taught by our Director of Education and Professional Development, this phase of training will leverage the courses you have already completed, and build the operational knowledge for being a successful business intermediary and VR business owner. Topics covered during Phase 2 include:  
-VR in Your Marketplace
-Building Goals
-VR Business Development Plan
-Social Media and Your VR Office Website
-In Front Marketing and Database Creation
-Quality Inventory
-Seller's Interview
-Sales Process -Recasting Financial Statements
-Understanding the Balance Sheet
-Valuing the Business
-Selling Memorandum and VR Business Profile
-Marketing the Engagement
-Dealing with Buyers and Due Diligence
-Transaction Negotiations
-Contracts and Forms
-Due Diligence Conflict Resolution
-Recruiting and Team Building
These and other topics including real life examples of transactions and role playing complete a hectic week. During the time spent at the corporate offices you will have the opportunity to meet and bond with your support team and the others in your class. With Phase 2 complete it's time to return home and prepare for opening.

Phase 3

This phase of training encompasses your daily operations as an intermediary and office owner. Using today's available technology we coordinate one-on-one training with our Director of Technology to learn about our VR BizEx System (MLS and database of completed sales), and VR Webmanager (forms, contracts, business profiles, educational courses and presentations, VR Business Development Plan). These operating systems link all VR offices worldwide for ease of transactional process.
The VR Director of Internet Services will also train you one-0n-one how to benefit from your VR website, VR Blogs and social media campaigns, and the set up of Today's Business Owner electronic magazine for your office and future clients. One last lesson on using the online VR Superstore and you have completed your VR Initial Owners Training.
We are prepared and ready to support all your day-to-day operations. Phase 3 of your training reinforces that we are on the same team, with like goals and aspirations for success. The people in VR have always been the foundation of the organization and our strength. In today's ever changing business environment, the importance of strong relationships and shared goals are at the forefront of the VR culture and driver behind our future. With our focus clearly defined, VR strives to exceed the expectations created from a glorious history. With diligence and expertise, a commitment to internal education and unsurpassed professionalism, we can proudly state: VR Has Sold More Businesses In The World Than Anyone.® 
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