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Business Sales: Our Core Business

All business will one day transfer or close. That fact is inevitable as time itself. Therefore the sale or divestiture of the business is one of the most important decisions an owner will ever undertake. It is a responsibility the VR takes seriously when accepting the role as a trusted advisor.
Every step in a business sale demands an extremely specialized effort, and at VR we know that there are no shortcuts to a successful transaction. The transition of an entrepreneur who is selling their business means exploring new options in life and change. Owners of businesses view this decision to sell as an opportunity to reap the rewards of years of sacrifice, dedication, and hard work. To unlock the maximum value of the business the entrepreneur needs advice, guidance, and honesty...they need Valued Representation.
By building our relationships on a foundation of truth, and by setting realistic expectations, VR has transformed into an organization whose first focus it to help and assist its clients. This cultural philosophy allows us to understand the reasons behind the transaction which can differ dramatically from client to client, and ultimately decide how the sale is structured.
business salesMaking quick, objective decisions comes naturally to the business owner. So why is the decision to sell the company so difficult? Because it's made by weighing the advantages of moving on against the time and energy that's been devoted to growing the operation. This decision to sell a business usually goes far beyond the economics. It involves defining lifestyle, and redirecting personal energies, resources, and values into the next stage in life.
The VR organization prides itself on recognizing the importance of being a trusted adviser to our clients. VR intermediaries around the world guide business owners through the transition of selling/divesting their business. Individuals joining VR have made the commitment to a profession that over the next 25 years will aid over 70 million "Baby Boomers" change from corporate careers to entrepreneurs, and from entrepreneurs to possible retirement.
Millions of businesses change ownership each year around the world, and though the reasons for selling vary, there is one common goal if you put the client first...unlocking the maximum value of the business. That is what a VR business intermediary is trained to achieve.
VR defines our core business sales as the transactions with a value of less than $2 million. As you begin your new profession and start building your business, this is the market place that most people gain their experience. This is area of our business that creates consistent cash flow and security. When businesses are valued correctly, and prepared to go to market by VR, they stand a very good chance on selling.
Approximately twenty percent of the businesses in the value of VR's core business change ownership every year. Eliminate family transfers, and other unique situations that we would not be involved, and approximately 1 in 6, businesses in every town, city, county and country will be sold. That's the market and opportunity for the successful business intermediary and VR owner.
Valued Representation of a business by a VR intermediary is a complex process that is fulfilling both emotionally and financially. As a VR intermediary and office owner you will be trained in a manner that draws upon years of substantial knowledge, professional experience, and success.
Upon joining VR you will be trained on how to be a specialist in our profession and learn how to: - Build an inventory of quality businesses through proven marketing programs and the VR Business Development Plan
vr business sales - our core business- Value and price a business
- Formulate different transaction structures to maximize value
- Prepare a VR Business Profile or Offering Memorandum
- Confidentially launch a sales campaign
- Educate buyers and sellers on the transaction process
- Recast financial statements
- Facilitate negotiations
- Prepare all necessary documentation
- Navigate successful due diligence
- Recruit intermediaries
- Operate your office
And of course...successfully complete business sales!
At VR we believe the entrepreneur deserves total transparency and disclosure, along with full-time representation. There are no "part-timers" and we are not a home based or virtual organization. After-all 99% of our clients have gone to work with a hands on philosophy, and expect the same from those who are going to represent them.
As a professional VR business intermediary and office owner you will help manage the process of selling businesses with the goal of successful transactions that stand the test of time. You and your team will be invaluable advisors during the process, offering proven valuation and marketing techniques, along with unmatched negotiation skills.
This what to expect as part of VR! VR is boutique firm searching for only the best!

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