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Don't Let Fraud Derail Your Deal
Peter C. King, VR Business Brokers/Mergers & Acquisitions, CEO

You're days away from finalizing an acquisition that's expected to fuel significant growth for your company. But an annoymous tip and follow-up research reveal that your target's CFO was investigated and indicted for financial statement fraud while working for another company. The case never went to trial, but the charges - and lack of disclosure about them - naturally lead you to question what the business you plan to buy may be hiding. The deal, subsequently, is brought to a grinding halt.

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If You are Buying or Selling a Business, You Need to Know How to Fish
Michael O'Donnell of VR in Boca Raton, FL

A friend called the other day, very frustrated. He has been looking for a good business to buy for the better part of a year. He concluded there were no good businesses for sale. He just wanted me to validate that, me being in the business of buying and selling businesses and all. I sighed the way a professional fisherman does to a recreational fisherman when asked where the fish are. "Yep," I said, "there are no good businesses for sale these days." No fish in the ocean, no one is catching anything.

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Lending Assumptions affect Value, Know Your Buyer
George D. Abraham, Business Evaluation Systems, CEO & Chief Appraiser

In appraisals for Banks and the SBA (Small Business Administration), it is important to know the loan officer assumptions that went into the lending decision. Many banks and the SBA have various policies on what discretionary expenses can be added back (add backs) to earnings and the weight you use on the projections for the appraisal.

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Your dream business awaits you..take advantage of these featured opportunities VR has for sale now!
Coffee House with 2 Locations | $495,000 | Artesia, CA
Restaurant with 2 Locations | $750,000 | Baton Rouge, LA
Gas Station with Store & Car Wash | $2,950,000 | Charleston, SC 
Used Car Wholesaler | $295,000 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
Supplier to Contractors | $1,700,000 | Greenville, SC
Specialty Car & Truck Accessories Store | $439,000 | Naples, FL
Audio & Video Systems Co. | $2,500,000 | San Antonio, TX
Nightclub | $900,000 | Waukesha, WI

Go Debt-Free: Benefits of Using Your 401(k) to Buy a Business
David Nilssen, Guidant Financial, CEO, and Co-founder

When it comes to small business financing options, it's usually traditional funding methods that come to mind: working capital loans, SBA loans, business lines of credit, etc. But did you know an alternative option exists that's allowed thousands of entrepreneurs to launch businesses debt-free? It's called a Rollover for Business Start-up (ROBS), and it enables individuals to leverage their own retirement assets to buy a business without having to pay any tax penalties or get a loan.

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Foreign Buyers are a Boon to U.S. M&A
Via Axial

The United States is the world's number one investment destination. Foreign direct investment in the U.S. reached a record $348 billion in 2015.

We predict the appetite for U.S. acquisitions will continue to grow in 2017 and beyond. According to a recent Baker & McKenzie report, cross-border M&A made up 44% of all deal value and 34% of all U.S. deal volume in Q3 2016, compared to 41% and 36% for the same period in 2015.

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VR located in Naples, FL has been Engaged to Assist in the Sale of a Luxury Transportation Business
In business since 2007, the luxury transportation business has a long-term clientele with pristine equipment. Their fleet consists of town cars, stretch limos, and luxury SUV's. The business has easy access to both Marco Island and North Naples. The current owner wishes to retire giving the new owner an opportunity to take the business to the next level.

Congratulations to Joel Soorenko on another great engagement!
VR located in New Haven, CT Expedited the Sale of a Machine Manufacturer Company for $775,000
For over a century, this company has been building the industry standard in its specialty machine product, and provided superior services in machinery repair and maintained a large inventory of parts to be able to provide fast service. The company supports both national as well as international clients. The business had over $1 million of spare parts inventory that was included in the sale.

Congratulations to William Hall on a successful transaction!
In today's business climate, our clients demand quality and professionalism. We applaud our VR business intermediaries for a job well done! Here is a small sample of transactions that have closed across the VR network recently:

Auto Repair Shop | $600,000 | Aspen, CO
Driving Instruction School | $498,000 | Charleston, SC
Sign & Graphics Business | $300,000 | N. Dallas, TX
Gourmet Popcorn Store | $200,000 | Wilmington, NC
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It Doesn't Mean Being Taken Advantage Of
Bob Burg, The Co-Author of the Go-Giver
When discussing the Go-Giver methodology during presentations at corporate conferences I'm often asked, "Bob, all of this is fine and well if you're dealing with another person who believes in win/win, but what if you're not?"

In other words, maybe this customer is the type who will try and take advantage of you. Or, they are not respectful in the way they communicate. Or even - dare I say - they are less than honest with you.

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Bob Burg is co-author of International Business Bestseller, The Go-Giver (over 500,000 copies sold in 21 languages). To read Chapter One and connect with Bob visit www.thegogiver.com. You can listen to his popular, The Go-Giver Podcast at www.thegogiver.com/podcast. 
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Small businesses make up over 56% of the annual U.S. GDP and every year a large amount of them change hands. VR is the industry leader in facilitating such transactions. Click here for more information on how to join VR.
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