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At the VR® Franchise Showcase, utilizing both the processes and information that we have generated relating to franchising, and the information we have received from participating franchisors, our team members will help you determine your objectives and goals to determine whether a franchise is right for you. If the answer to that is “Yes,” then they will work with you to evaluate various franchise offerings that they think best meet your goals, objectives and interests. They will do so utilizing the information provided to them by participating franchisors. We make that information available to you, but we do not guarantee or verify it in any way. You will need to do your own investigation and due diligence on the franchise companies that our network discusses with you in making your decision on whether or not to buy a particular franchise.


We will help you assess various franchise alternatives, but ultimately it will be up to you as to whether or not to buy a franchise and which franchise to buy. We urge you to do a full investigation and to engage other advisers to assist you, like a lawyer or an accountant experienced in franchising. Once we’ve helped you with your choices, we refer you to the franchisor. At that point, it’s between you and them as to whether or not you’ll have a deal. We only refer you as a qualified lead; we do not offer or sell franchises.


Obviously, there is no guarantee that participating in our lead generation and qualification process will ensure that franchising is right for you or whether any particular franchise is right for you. Furthermore, we cannot be responsible for the information that is provided to us and you by franchise companies. We simply make available to you what the franchisors give us. While we help you and assist you in making your decision, there is no substitute for your own investigation of each franchise program. For example, you should contact franchisees of each of the franchise programs of interest and compare the franchise disclosure documents of those opportunities. There is no substitute for your careful review of the franchise agreement and franchise disclosure document, as they contain lots of information about the franchise company and the business opportunity that they offer.


Finally, you recognize that we are paid by participating franchisors in our program, both for ongoing services and a bonus on franchise sales. Thus we will only present you with franchise opportunities from franchisors in our program. There are lots of other franchises out there and we encourage you to compare them.

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