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Canada’s largest merchandise lease company and the third largest in the world, allows you to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Our entry into the U.S. is being led by Bud Gates, former CEO of the world’s largest rent-to-own company and CEO of easygates, LLC, our Master Franchisor in the US. As our licensee and master franchisor, Bud heads up our franchising efforts in the U.S. in the states that do not border Canada. As a well-respected leader in the rent-to-own industry Bud understands the merchandise leasing market like no one else. Buds proven track record of success makes him the ideal candidate to lead our franchise efforts in his licensed territories.
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The US leasing industry is a $6.2 Billion dollar business opportunity and the US is the largest leasing market in the world with over 8000 stores and growing. The current economic credit crisis has caused the leasing industry to grow exponentially.
The leasing business provides a unique portfolio with predictable cash flow and is recession resistant. Industry trends are currently favoring lease to own over other long term buying programs. This is your chance to own an easyhome franchise at the right time in the best climate in markets you want. Don’t Wait! Inquire now! Read on for more interesting facts on why easyhome is the right franchise opportunity for you.

Easyhome Advantage
Once you consider all that easyhome has to offer, it will surely become your preferred franchise opportunity. It’s an opportunity that will fulfill your business goals and change your life forever. Here are just 10 reasons why easyhome is your preferred franchise:
  1. The easyhome success story
  2. easyhome’s cutting-edge business model is proven in Canada
  3. Customer relationships
  4. Many prime markets available throughout the U.S.
  5. In-depth real estate selection process
  6. Modern retail store design
  7. Optimized merchandise layout support
  8. Leading-edge marketing support
  9. Comprehensive online training support
  10. The bottom line

easyhome Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Products & Services

At easyhome we carry a wide range of quality, stylish and technically advanced products. They are products that carry brand names that are recognized and valued by our customers. Quality products ensure durability, a long life, fewer returns and satisfied customers.
easyhome Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)


In our commitment to serve the needs of our customers we provide a wide range of furniture, appliances, electronics and computers. There are lots of product options so the customer gets exactly what they want. Our product technology and styles are current and up to date, thereby ensuring customers pride of purchase and satisfaction.

At easyhome we carry top name brands like LG, Moffat, GE, Durapella, Sony, JVC, Microsoft and Toshiba to name just a few. These are quality, reliable brands that are recognized and valued by our customers. With our brand line up they can get the product that’s just right for them.

Vendor Relationships
We greatly value our relationship with our vendors. They are the companies that stand behind our brands and products. They are a constant source of innovation and ideas which enable us to serve our customers with top quality products. We consider our vendors partners...not suppliers.

Advertising & Promotions

To help franchisees build customer loyalty and expand their customer base, we will provide top quality award-winning marketing support that promotes the easyhome brand and drives sales at a store level.

Our on-going marketing program will include events offering super specials in each product category, plus high-energy open-house sales.

You will be provided promotional ideas that will excite your staff and generate customer traffic to your store.

We wholeheartedly believe in giving back to the community. We organize seasonal as well as annual events to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs. The Boys and Girls Club of Canada have been a valued partner of our parent company easyhome Ltd. since 2004 and we look forward to continuing this relationship with the Boys and Girls Club of America. For more information on our social responsibility click on Milestones under About Us.

Comprehensive Online Training Support
easyhome provides a cutting edge on-line program and will outline a one month training program prior to the time of your opening, plus on-site assistance as you initiate operations. There is no additional charge for this training program, but you must pay any travel and living expenses while attending the training at one of our corporate stores.
Every managing operator is required to attend an intensive 4-week training program under the guidance of our franchise director.
You will receive training in our critical success areas:
  • Management training
  • Hiring and managing associates
  • Store operations (cost control, inventory, purchasing, administration)
  • Product knowledge
  • Sales training

Once the training is completed, we will help set up the store, guide you through staff training, and be with you when you open the door. We will provide experienced staff for the first week to help everything run smoothly.


Financial Requirements
Initial Investment: The total investment of an easyhome franchise which includes the franchise fee and construction, is estimated to be approximately $600,000.00 to $750,000.00 after first year.

We suggest the franchisee provide 30% or $250,000.00 in unencumbered (free and clear) cash. Experience has proven that if the total cost is borrowed, this creates an unreasonable debt load and is detrimental to the success of the franchise.

Financing the balance may be achieved through a bank business loan, or other financing arranged by the franchisee. If funds are borrowed against a home equity, then the mortgage repayments must be supported by a sufficient outside source of income.

It is not possible to guarantee if and when a new store will reach its operating budgets because operating expenses and sales vary considerably with the management skills of a new franchisee, store location, and other variables.

Franchise Requirements
No, you don’t necessarily need experience in the leasing industry. We look for franchisees that have business management experience, people skills and a desire to help people. We can help you identify an experienced operator.

Real Estate Process
Our real estate division has industry leading analysis and reporting on each and every market in North America. When a possible location is found, it is further examined and analyzed for market potential, demographics, competition, customer profiles, and traffic flow.

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