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When you buy a Zoo fitness franchise, you’re buying a unique business model that benefits not only you as the franchise owner but the members who are taking advantage of Zoo as an elite fitness center.  
Location, Location, Location!
Zoo takes pride in having convenient, easily accessible locations in secondary shopping centers that allow for frequent visits since 2005, while remaining small to medium sized to ensure a friendly, community-like environment.  
Low Monthly Fees
This makes Zoo membership appealing to potential members of all ages and demographics from teenagers to senior citizens.  
Top-of-the-Line Equipment
This offers a competitive edge and allows members to stay challenged and excited with their exercise routines.  
Special Products and Service
Offers Consumers love great deals and variety of different services that a gym offers. Not only does this generate revenue but it helps increase and retains customer membership.  
Why Is The Zoo For Everyone?
Zoo Health Club Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)The Zoo fitness franchise offers a proven system with strong marketing opportunities and name recognition. The Zoo fitness franchise business model works by keeping the size of the club in the small to medium range with a low overhead. Our top-of-the-line equipment combined with low monthly dues is a business model that will give you a competitive edge!   
Whatever the definition of success is to you, the Zoo fitness franchise business model can:
  • Accomplish your goals;
  • Give you pride of ownership; and
  • The ability to control your own destiny.  
A Zoo of Revenue Sources
At Zoo Fitness Club, there is a wealth of ongoing sales and revenues you will be able to take advantage of as a franchise owner:  
Membership enrollment fee – The new member enrollment fee ranges between $49 and $99 and covers the cost of membership processing, an initial health and fitness consultation, and equipment orientation.  
Monthly membership fee – The monthly membership fees go between $9.99 and $29.99 based on the type and length of membership. (Fees may vary, depending upon location, amenities, and promotions, etc.)  
Family membership add-on – Immediate family members may join at a discounted rate.  
Personal training fees – Many members find they benefit from the added structure, motivation and expertise provided by a professional trainer in a one-on-one situation.  
Personal-training programs at The Zoo are very popular:  
  • One-hour sessions range in cost from $50 to $60/hour;
  • Half-hour sessions are $35 to $45/hour; 
  • Smaller locations can benefit from specializing in such programs.  
Zoo Health Club Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)

The Zoo Store
– Men’s and women’s fitness clothing and totes, bearing the Zoo logo, are available for purchase.  
Health and weight loss products – Nutritional and weight loss products, bars, shakes, water and energy drinks will provide additional revenue stream.  
Tanning and Infrared Saunas – Can produce a strong income stream.    

Zoo Training and Support
Once you purchase a Zoo Fitness Center, you will attend training at Zoo University and receive support that’s offered from Zoo’s corporate headquarters through conference calls, emails and on-site assistance.  
The Zoo University curriculum includes:  
  • Marketing and advertising; 
  • Pre-opening strategies; 
  • Business operating procedures; 
  • Effective development of revenue sources;
  • Membership promotion and sales; 
  • New member prospecting tools and resources;
  • Equipment operation and safety.  
Assistance in Opening up Your Zoo
When you purchase a Zoo fitness franchise, our continued success becomes dependent upon your success. Our knowledge, expertise, experience, and resources-combined with The Zoo's established systems and procedures-will be available to help you successfully negotiate these important initial hurdles.  
Our fitness franchise franchises receive expert assistance in:  
  • Site identification; 
  • Lease negotiation; 
  • Budgeting; 
  • Marketing and promotion; 
  • Equipment procurement; 
  • Insurance needs.  
The Zoo Health Club Fitness Franchise has developed professional individual health club web sites for all 50 states and soon to be opened locations, increasing search engine presence, brand recognition and member leads. We are capturing new member leads for you before you even own the territory.    
The Model Zoo Location  
The Zoo Health Club fitness franchise attracts all age groups, singles, couples and families: a real health club that offers a fast, fun, effective and affordable workout.  
  • Family friendly;
  • Affordable monthly dues for the whole family;
  • Clean and maintained facilities;
  • Fun & easy atmosphere;
  • Easy in and out accessibility.  
Size of the Zoo
Most Zoo Heath Club Fitness Franchises vary in size, floor plan and layout. Much of it has to do with the shape of your space. Our clubs will range from 3,000 to over 10,000 sq. feet.  
The build out requirements are minimal and straight forward with an open floor plan for maximizing space.  
The gym floor has four distinct areas:  
  • Free weights, Benches and Free weight machines;
  • Pin select machines;
  • Cardio health area; 
  • Stretching, core training and abdominal exercise machines.  
Finding the right location is crucial. Most of our franchisees take advantage of our in house real estate agents who work hard in getting the best lease terms and conditions.    
Requirements to Becoming a Zoo Owner  
Zoo Health Clubs are looking for qualified candidates that have a genuine interest in helping people become more healthy and fit. Your honest belief in the benefits of a Zoo membership will help overcome a potential new member’s initial doubts and skepticism. People invariably wish to feel good about themselves and leading a healthy lifestyle is vital to such well-being. The caring, guidance, and support you offer each of your members will be your most valuable asset.  
Business and sales experience are pluses to have but not a requirement in becoming a Zoo owner. Fitness industry experience will certainly shorten your learning curve; however, it is not necessary for success. Zoo’s founders and leaders have much experience in the fitness franchising industry.  
Your vision, dedication and hard work, combined with our proven systems and years of experience to maximize your chances of obtaining the greatest financial awards associated with business ownership.    
Financial Requirements  
Start-up costs will vary depending upon the size of your club and the build-out and equipment requirements.
Total cash investment costs can be as low as $73,899 for a small Zoo Health Club fitness franchise - based on leasing equipment.  
Leasing equipment – rather than purchasing – is recommended, due to the lower initial cost.  
Initial Investment – Single Franchise  
Franchise Fee $14,999 upon signing of franchise agreement
Pre-Opening $4,000 - $7,500 due two weeks prior to opening
Office Supplies $200 - $500
Office Equipment $500 - $2,500
Opening Inventory $500
Insurance $500 - $2,500
Signage $500 - $4,000
Equipment Package (leased) $8,500 - $29,750
Equipment Package (purchased) $119,000
Rent/security deposit $6,000 - $21,000
Leasehold Improvements $5000 - $75,000
Utility Deposits $100 - $500
Licenses/ Permits $100 - $1,000
Legal $500 - $2,500
Travel/ Lodging for Training $1,000 - $3,000
Miscellaneous start-up costs $500 - $2,500 (as incurred)
Fictitious Name Incorporation $500 - $2,500 (as incurred)
Pre-Sale Costs $1,000 - $1,500 (as incurred)
3-Months Operating Funds $5,000 - $20,000 (as incurred)
Totals (if equipment is leased) $48,399 to 189,249
Totals (if equipment is purchased) $73,899 to $278,499  
Franchisee Fee if:  
  • Opening 4 Outlets: $24,999
  • Opening 8 Outlets: $34,999    
Becoming a Zoo Regional Developer  
Under this program, you will sign a Regional Development Agreement; under which we will assign you a defined territory within which you must:  
  • Solicit;
  • Recruit;
  • Screen and interview prospective franchisees for us;
  • Help our franchisees identify and secure sites for Zoo Health Club Centers in that territory;
  • Provide operational, training and field support to Zoo Health Club franchisees who’s Centers are located within that territory – both before and after they open their Zoo Health Club Centers.  
The total investment necessary for a Regional Franchise ranges from $183,250 to $436,680, which includes a regional franchise fee ranging from $162,000 to $360,888, or more. This depends upon the population in your territory, which must be paid to the Franchisor.  

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