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The future is now, with an extraordinary opportunity to be a part of a media revolution like no-one has seen before. As the newspaper generation ages, the younger generation is failing to follow in their footsteps; creating a paradigm shift in the newspaper business from Print to Online.
The Internet is simply a more efficient mechanism for delivering information.
YourNews License Opportunities
Print newspapers are slowly going out of business, and unfortunately for them the solution is not their online presence. There is no scale to any of them, and when their printing presses cease to operate, they WILL disappear along with their websites.
Newspaper advertisers are seeking alternatives to reach the new generation of consumers, yet they have no real alternatives to reach them in their local markets until now. YourNews is the ultimate turnkey solution, providing the most progressive and brilliant platform ever created.

YourNews is an ideal opportunity for the entrepreneur aspiring to be at the forefront of an extraordinary media revolution and IS the future of media.

How to Become a YourNews Affiliate

YourNews License OpportunitiesYourNews is licensing LOCAL TERRITORIES to qualified individuals, partners, factions, or businesses that possess the determination and dynamism to be YOURNEWS PUBLISHERS.

Once the decision is reached to become a Publisher, a Territory is chosen. 
This is based on:
  • The Publisher’s territorial relevance; 
  • Aptitude;
  • Credentials; and
  • Penchant towards location.  

It is the responsibility of the Local Publishers to work their local markets, just as a traditional publisher would:
  • Aggregating local content;
  • Driving local readership; 
  • Selling local, regional and in selected circumstances, national advertising to sustain it.
Objective and Revenue Potential
The number of businesses within a territory determines its revenue potential.
The objective of the Publisher is to:
  • Cultivate his or her territory, propelling it from a zero revenue base to a flourishing marketplace;
  • Attaining the maximum amount of revenue that is capable of being engendered out of that market. 

The Publisher keeps a substantial percentage of the revenues, making this an exceptionally advantageous and lucrative opportunity.

As time moves forward, and newspapers one by one begin to vanish, the value of these territories will become allegorically priceless.
How the News Business Works

The common goal of all news media is, to build an audience by providing people with relevant information and content.  News and information is generated in the form of press releases, reports, journalists, and now because of technology the average citizen.  Television is restricted by time and newspapers are restricted by space.  Because of our proprietary geo-targeting technology we can publish everything that is relevant to any given user. 
On a global scale, people are interested in certain types of content with different interest groups, lifestyles and demographics gravitating to information relevant to themselves, fostering “community.” 

On a local level, people care about and want to know about: 

  • What is happening in their community;
  • Their neighborhood;
  • Their local schools and local government. 

For local information and events they turn to all manner of media outlets; television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Local media outlets attract audience share by tailoring material to the interests of their particular targeted audience segment. Once audience share is sufficiently established, media sources are able to sell advertising to businesses interested in reaching their respective targeted audiences.   

The Industry
December 2008, The Christian Science Monitor becomes the first national newspaper to drop its daily print edition and focus on publishing online.

December 2008
, Detroit Free Press Drops Publishing to three days per week. Tribune, Co. files for bankruptcy protection.
December 2008, McClatchy putting Miami Herald for sale.
January 2009,  Hearst Corp. put Seattle's oldest newspaper, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, up for sale on Friday and said that if it can't find a buyer in the next 60 days the paper would likely close or continue to exist only online. 
This is a microcosm of what’s happening to the newspaper industry.
July 29, 2010, Internet ad revenue surpasses radio.

September 1, 2010
, Mediator appointed for Tribune Company bankruptcy

October 8, 2010
, Newspaper print’s revenue declined another $9.9 billion. 
Radio’s $100 million lead in 2007 evaporated last year as internet revenues grew 11% to $23.4 billion. That’s $3.9 billion more than radio. The internet is now the third largest ad-supported medium, behind television and print. But radio is fighting back, targeting online ad growth. The RAB says off-air dollars accounted for 9% of last year’s radio revenue.

At least 120 newspapers in the U.S. have shut down since January 2008. More than 21,000 jobs at 67 newspapers have vaporized in that time.

The YourNews Business Model
YourNews is not a new business model. The Newspaper business has been around for over two hundred years, (Circa 1728, Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette), and it’s proven.  Modern times have called for a modification to this model that existing newspapers are unable to achieve.
The YourNews technology has successfully cracked the much-sought-after code of adapting the time-tested newspaper model with modern day scalability. 
YourNews License OpportunitiesWhat Makes YourNews Better?
Advertisers:  Because of the geo-subject targeted advertising, advertisers have the ability to target only their customers making it the most cost effective means of advertising on Earth.
Contributors:  The open source platform allows everyone in the community to contribute.  YourNews is a free news source which offers free classifieds, business directory listings, obituaries, promotions etc. 
Readers:  Will always have access to free information and the ability to obtain more information than in any other place due to YourNews, ability to publish everything.
Why Newspapers Won’t Be Able To Transition
The newspaper model is broken on the web.  They are trading dollars for pennies and there is no scale to their websites.  When their printing presses stop so will their online edition.
How YourNews Technology Works?
When a first time user comes to the site, they enter their zip code and their local edition appears on the screen, at which point YourNews plants a cookie on the visitor’s computer, identifying this as their ”Hometown Edition.” The second time the reader enters YourNews they are taken directly to their “Hometown Edition,” which is the town they live in. Users also have the ability to visit, as well as "re-home," any of the different 70,000 editions anywhere in the US.  
This proprietary, database-driven, geo-subject information management system enables effortless scalability; this is much different from all traditional information management and search engine technologies currently in use on the web. Most search engines simply aggregate web sites linked to a central source. They can be conceptualized as a single-level, horizontal search methodology, where the results are simply direct links appearing in response to a subject or keyword search. YourNews’ hyper-local geo-subject model, however, through the use of a complex arithmetic algorithm, enhances advertising capability by enabling the targeting of tightly defined geographic areas and subjects. 
Within each geographic area, subject matter is arranged in an outline format that moves logically from general to progressively more specific topics. i.e., If a sporting goods retailer located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts wants to advertise soccer gear to the parents of children between the ages of 5 and 12. YourNews gives the Great Barrington, Massachusetts’s advertiser the ability to localize their advertising in the Great Barrington edition on the youth soccer pages.
Why YOURNEWS is a Tremendous Opportunity

YOURNEWS is an emerging growth company in the most dynamic sector of the US economy and Market Conditions are perfect. Trends prove the newspaper industry is rapidly changing.
It’s a fact, newspaper are losing their core readers. Research shows online Newspaper readers are:
  • More Affluent;
  • Younger;
  • Better Educated;
  • More likely to make a purchase online;
  • Newspaper readers are seeking local news.
The Company along with their affiliates are ideally structured and positioned to capitalize on the opportunity.

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