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YoBlendz: “Make Yourself Happy.”
YoBlendz Franchise Opportunities Welcome to YoBlendz, a cutting edge self-serve yogurt franchise offering fresh yogurt made with live and active cultures, and offers a wide variety of fresh and unique toppings. YoBlendz is a self-serve frozen yogurt concept that offers proprietary and top quality frozen yogurt and is a unique and different way in which yogurt has been sold or offered.
YoBlendz empowers yogurt-lovers to “make yourself happy” with self-serve franchises that blend nature’s best with all the rest.
The concept is innovative and most importantly fun, giving customers the chance to make themselves happy by customizing their frozen yogurt masterpiece through a variety of yogurt flavors, and fun toppings from fresh fruits to classic sweets we’ve all grown to love.
YoBlendz is an awesome choice for customers because they make their own masterpieces, with as many flavors and toppings as they would like. Product consistency is in the hands of the customers as they serve themselves and make themselves happy.
YoBlendz Franchise Opportunities  
Franchisee can add the JUICEBLENDZ brand to make the store a “co-branded” location with both smoothies and frozen yogurt.

*Added benefit is there will be no additional charge for the JUICEBLENDZ brand when doing a co-brand.*
Benefits of Owning Your Franchise
YoBlendz runs on an extremely low break-even margin to ensure keeping the doors open. This is done through:
  • Negotiating the best lease terms;
  • Capping annual increases;
  • Capping common area maintenance and renewal fees.
Semi-Absentee Management and Ownership
YoBlendz prides itself in the simplicity to train management to run and operate locations. Most employees at the assistant management level are able to run a store without the need of a General Manager due to the automated systems for:
  • Ordering inventory;
  • Entering payroll;
  • Inputting automatically sales and data in accounting software. 
Hiring Process Provides Low-Labor Costs Compared to Industry Standards
Nearly all applicants are hired at minimum wage and 90 day evaluations are mandatory. A show performance first and be compensated after proof approach is implemented and helps ensure lower turnover rates. 
Simple Accounting System
The YoBlendz business model does not have accounts receivable as each customer pays at the time of purchase.
Accounts payable is simple and limited to the standard payroll, insurance, cost of goods sold, rent, utilities and misc. fees.
Easy-to-Run Operating System
YoBlendz is a very simple business model and many employees hired are first time employees in our business. It is very simple to train employees at the entry level and quickly with ambition these employees move into assistant management and management roles.
Compared to the average QSR or franchise business, YoBlendz is among the most simple of operations to run and manage.
Eye-Popping Design
Environment is most appealing in the industry. Flat screen televisions are used throughout, all locations have Free Wi-Fi, colors and décor are bright and lively, the freshest ingredients in the industry are used and hand-picked and up-beat music greets every guest.
Guests are able to lounge in the Wi-Fi areas of our stores, or sit in comfortable seating as well as enjoying their yogurt outside under YoBlendz pink umbrellas.
Competitive Advantages of the Product / Service
  • YoBlendz Franchise Opportunities YoBlendz operates on a very low expense structure sometimes at 50% of competing franchise brands in the industry. We spend a lot of time working with our food manufacturers on locking in pricing, as well as extensively negotiating leases. We groom our employees to promote from within, which helps keep labor costs lower.
  • Quality of the product is not compromised. We do not mix the product or “over-whip” the product to save on costs. This ensures consistency in any of our locations as many of our competitors will re-use their yogurt and affect the freshness and consistency of the product. It is important for the “live and active cultures” found in our yogurt as well.
Recession Resistant
As YoBlendz slogan states “Make Yourself Happy” our self-serve frozen yogurt is a delicious and satisfying treat that is a healthier alternative to junk food snacks. YoBlendz product is sold by weight, and if someone is more price conscious they can create a smaller yogurt which in turn will be cheaper in price. Same store sales have increased over time and customer loyalty is being attained.
Financial Investment
Total Initial Investment:
Single: $109,500 - $448,000
Master: $100,000 - $1,000,000
Franchise Fee: $40,000
Liquid Capital Required:
Single: $125,000
Master: $250,000
Net Worth Required:
Single: $375,000
Master: $1,000,000
Training and Support 
YoBlendz offers one week of support either on-site or on location, including:
  • Hiring and training of staff;
  • Pre-opening support;
  • Grand opening support;
  • Inventory and order guide training; and 
  • Budget to actual accounting help.
Every franchise owner has access to 24-7 technical support with remote computer access. All corporate staff support members provide their cell phone numbers and are accessible via text messaging and e-mail as well. All corporate staff members receive e-mails to their cell phones.
Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection: Yes
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National): Yes
Does Corporate Provide Continued Training: Yes
YoBlendz corporate is involved in pre, grand and post-opening support. All opening, operational and closing procedures are outlined step-by-step so that first time employees can use the manuals to literally walk through all the processes of the store. Order guides are available for all vendors, and everything is also ordered online.
YoBlendz is a very clean business especially compared to other fast food restaurants that deal with smelly food, smoke and grease.
YoBlendz Franchise Opportunities Franchise Requirements
YoBlendz are looking for college educated, business and entrepreneurial-minded people with: 
  • Previous business experience;
  • Cash strong credit-worthy individuals with a strong work ethic. 
Responsibilities of the Owner
Owner or GM’s main responsibilities are Accounts Payable, General Accounting and Payroll. Most other functions are handled at the assistant management level and below. Accounting can all be done remotely, and from home. All that is needed is an internet connection.
This is a simple business model that can be duplicated, and benefits from economies of scale such as sharing management and payroll costs.
  • Camera systems record in real-time and are able to be viewed from phones and computers.
  • Sales reports are sent out automatically and can be reviewed every 15 minutes.
  • Accounting software is online.
  • Inventory is done twice per week and takes one hour of time.
  • All reviews of store systems and procedures including finances can be done in less than an hour daily, Monday-Friday.
All new employees fill out resumes even if this will be their first job, most are hired at minimum wage and labor is much lower per volume as the customers serve themselves the product.
Location Requirements
YoBlendz Franchise Opportunities Territorial Protection
Locations will have at least a 1-mile radius from each other. However, we understand we need to protect our other owners from encroachment and cannibalization.
Description of Territory
Locations will be situated in middle to high-income level areas such as in:
  • High Traffic Shopping Centers;
  • Arenas;
  • College Campuses;
  • Malls & Airports.
We are comfortable going into areas with competition based on the fact we have a superior tasting products, are very price competitive and our customer service is at the highest level. Again this goes back to our hiring process and employee retention; including welcoming every guest out loud as they enter our business, and walking them through the process of using the machines and creating their own yogurt masterpiece.
Employee Requirements
A typical store will have 10-20 employees. This consists of:
  • A General Manager,
  • 1 to 3 Assistant Managers.
  • A few entry-level positions - typical mix of employees are made up of high school and college students.
YoBlendz uses a different style of hiring employees to get a more loyal and dedicated employee. For starters, there are NO applications.
ALL employees must submit a resume even if this will be their first job. This helps alleviate the “grab a bunch of applications” mindset of non-dedicated potential employees.
We also start most employees at minimum wage and have them prove through their performance during a 90-day evaluation. YoBlendz maintains an excellent retention rate through these processes.

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