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The Next Generation Travel Agency

What makes it "Next Generation"?
Uniglobe Travel Corporate Agency Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)The current generation of travel agencies provides products and services mainly focused on getting you "physically" from point A to point B and back as well as providing accommodations and maybe a unique experience in between. UNIGLOBE has over 30 years of experience in the travel agency business. In that time we have been innovators. We have developed sophisticated and complete travel agency services that fully cover every conceivable aspect of physical travel management. What’s next?
Presence Management
Combining “physical” travel service and “virtual” travel service in one agency business.
"Virtual" travel is simply the technology that allows people to meet and collaborate without being "physically" present (audio/telephone, web and video conferencing products and systems).

Your potential accounts are asking themselves this question; "Would a ‘virtual travel’ alternative like audio, web or video conferencing service save us money and provide a viable alternative to at least some of our presence requirements?" "Where can we go to get the full spectrum service we need for both our virtual and physical travel needs?"


Satisfying the Need

As a UNIGLOBE Corporate Agency Owner you will be the ONLY SINGLE SOURCE IN YOUR MARKET that can satisfy a company’s need for this full spectrum service. You and your sales team will sell local, small to medium sized businesses a unique Presence Service package that is just what they are looking for; an economical and managed approach to controlling their complete physical travel requirements as well as virtual alternatives…. Presence Management!
And you make money on all of it.

Why Choose UNIGLOBE?

A Real Business
This business is NOT home based, NOT an MLM and goes way beyond a traditional retail travel agency. It is a true B2B, white collar, sales operation focused on growth. Each account you acquire creates opportunities for ongoing or residual revenue. There is no limit to how big you can get.

30 Years of Brand Recognition
Uniglobe Travel Corporate Agency Franchise Opportunities (Click Here) 
Founded by U. Gary Charlwood in 1979, with operations beginning in 1980, UNIGLOBE and its management team have been leaders in the industry for decades.  In the 90's U. Gary Charlwood was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the International Franchise Association (IFA), and in 1998 became Chairman of that organization; the first non-American to hold that title.  In 2008, he was inducted into the IFA Hall of Fame, joining luminaries like Ray Kroc, Fred DeLuca, Henry Block and many others.

We are local
We live and work in the communities we serve and are highly accessible and responsive to our clients.

We are global
As members of a global organization, we have the mechanisms and the ability to network with other UNIGLOBE agencies and suppliers both locally and around the world.

Yes, you can sell vacation packages and cruises
While the main focus of this business is securing B2B relationships, it is inevitable that you will have opportunities to sell leisure travel. In fact one of the richest sources for these sales is your account base.
Uniglobe Travel Corporate Agency Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to be the leading and most dependable travel management company in the world that sets the standard for professionalism and reliability to its customers.

We strive to be the best that we can be, with integrity, initiative and dependability. That is the UNIGLOBE Way.

Training and Support

We will provide complete training and ongoing support. While some time is spent on basic sales skills and techniques, the major focus will be on product knowledge for all the Presence Services and the Sales Approach for this unique offer. Initial orientation and training sessions are in person and include you and your initial employees. Subsequent training sessions will be conducted on-line, with in-person sessions being conducted where and when sufficient trainees can be gathered. 

You and your team will be fully supported by a cadre of experts. Each is ready to do whatever it takes for your success. Whether it is a selling situation that is out of the ordinary or a very large deal, the right person with the right expertise is available.

Financial Requirements
Single Unit
Cash Investment: 40-60K      
Total Investment: 75-100         
Minimum Net Worth: 150K
Franchise Fee:  19,000     
VetFran Program Participant: (not yet)
Royalty:  $1,000 per month (fixed)       
Ad: $500 per month( fixed)           
Average # of Employees: 4
Passive Ownership Allowed:  (Possibly, as long as certain qualifications are met)
Earnings Claims: (No)

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