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At The Grout Medic™, our service model is very specific in the services we offer. Our services include grout cleaning and sealing, grout cleaning and staining (change color), removal and replacement of broken tiles, removal and replacement of grout and caulking, along with being the only company to repair loose / hollow tiles without having to remove them.
The Grout Medic is the leader in the "after care" market of grout and tile repair. The products and equipment used are the latest in technology to bring grout and tile back to life. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations by providing quality, professional work usually completed in one day. The work is completed for a fraction of replacement costs and far less aggravation than renovation while achieving the same results!

Company History
The predecessor of The Grout Medic, LLC (Illinois) is The Grout Medic of Illinois, Inc. The Grout Medic, LLC (Illinois) acquired substantially all of its assets, including the “Grout Medic” franchising assets, from The Grout Medic of Illinois, Inc. on April 30, 2004.
The Grout Medic of Illinois, Inc. provided grout and tile restoration and maintenance services, and was the franchisor for Grout Medic Outlets from June, 2001 until April, 2004. The Grout Medic of Illinois, Inc. operated a Grout Medic location that is substantially similar to the franchise being offered by Grout Medic from March 2001 to April 2004. The Grout Medic of Illinois, Inc. no longer conducts any line of business. 
We began offering franchises in January 2009. In March 2011 we began operating our own Grout Medic location in the Southlake, Texas area, which we use for purposes of training franchise operators. We engage in no other businesses.
Total Number of Units: 50
Franchised Units: 49
Year Established: 1999
Franchising Since: 2001

Benefits of Owning Your Franchise
For Grout Medic, home-based, no special vehicle requirements, they can set their own hours, low overhead, no staffing, unless desired, no special education or skill sets. Each owner sets their own rates, allowing them to earn at their desired level. Building equity in the business for their future and exit strategy. Tax write offs. The ability to balance work and life choices, letting them set their own priorities, reap the full rewards of their labor and work with those they choose to. Feel pride in something they build through their abilities, ideas and efforts.

Financial Investment

At present, our franchise offering for a franchise is $13,800Marketing investment, vehicle investment (if they choose not to use the one they have) travel and lodging while attending training and business operating expenses for 3/4 months etc. $27,200. Depending on vehicles purchased, staffing, grand opening, 60/90 days of marketing, etc; the cost range for a full start up can run up to $75K.

Total Initial Investment: $27,200
Franchise Fee: $13,800
Liquid Capital Required: $27,200
Net Worth Required: $100K
Financial Assistance: NO
Start-Up Capital: $27,200

Training and Support
The Grout Medic provides a one-week training program and a second week on site (additional cost) if requested.

Training includes:
  • Grout and caulking techniques,
  • Tile replacement,
  • Sales and customer service,
  • Marketing,
  • Operations and admin.
You will also receive ongoing coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities, along with annual meeting and monthly newsletters. 
Training is provided for both owner/operator and staffing. Special 3-day courses for employee training vs. five day course. Additional field training available at Home Office for both owner/operators and staff as requested at no charge. Training is scheduled as needed when required, no preset dates.
Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection: No
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National): No
Does Corporate Provide Continued Training: Yes
Franchise Requirements
Net worth in the 100K range, Ideal candidate is interested in growing business to 2-3 employees. Sales/marketing experience an asset. Technology literate. A Grout Medic Outlet provides grout and tile restoration, maintenance and refurbishing services through a uniform system consisting of high standards of service, use of quality products, and under the business format created and developed by Grout Medic.

Location Requirements
Home Based, vehicle needed, small storage area needed for supplies and equipment, about the size of a regular closet.

Ted Lawlor |Ocean County, NJ:
"I have been in the Grout Medic system for more than a year and a half. Prior to joining the Team, I made my living in the restaurant business. The hours were long and the work was not rewarding. In my search for a new opportunity, I found my way to the Grout Medic. It combined everything I was looking for. The training knowledge was easy to adapt to, the start up expense wasn't difficult and it gave me more freedom to spend time with my family.
"Most importantly, the support was there for me to answer every question I had along the way in the beginning stages. Questions were answered in a timely manner and helped to complete the picture in terms of the knowledge needed in the field. The numbers are manageable and you can maximize them quickly. Go for it, I'm glad I did."
David Muirhead | Northern Virginia:
"In my previous professional career, I was a Meat cutter for about 11 years working for a supermarket. In that job, I had to work weekends and holidays. After doing that for many years, I decided I needed a change and started looking into buying a franchise.
"I began to do some research. I eventually found The Grout Medic, and I liked the royalties and the structure they had. I didn’t want to select a franchise that charges 10-12% in royalties as that lead me to believe I was being punished for growing my business.
"I have grown my franchise into one of the top 5 in the company in less than a year. This business is so simple, you can run it with 1-2 people, or you can do it my way and have an office, company vehicles and employees. This business will grow at your pace, whether you want to be owner/operator, or simply just the owner."
Steve Steffey | El Paso County, CO:
"After being in the service side (Customer and technical) of a major telecommunications equipment vendor for 20 + years, I was looking for a business that I could start and do the work by myself. My real objective was to grow the business by adding employees. The Grout Medic met my criteria. I was looking for an opportunity that provided formal training, proven systems and  ongoing support. 
"My background demanded the highest level of Customer satisfaction and professionalism. I was very sensitive during due diligence of the company's responsiveness and in depth discussions with existing franchisees. My wife and I have not been disappointed with our decision. The work is very rewarding. At the end of the job, it is very satisfying when the customer says, 'WOW' when they see the finished product. Running a new business has challenges, but you know you've got someone to call if needed."

Top 35 Target Market Areas
We are available in all markets where we can find a population of 200K or more.
New York City, NY Washington D.C. Fort Lauderdale, FL Minneapolis, MN Kansas City, MO-KS
Los Angeles, CA  Alexandria, VA Atlanta, GA St. Paul, MN Las Vegas, NV
Riverside, CA Jacksonville, FL Marietta, GA San Diego, CA Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL  Orlando, FL Boston, MA St. Louis, MO Indianapolis, IN
Philadelphia PA Tampa, FL Detroit, MI Denver, CO Milwaukee, WI
San Francisco, CA St. Petersburg, FL Phoenix, AZ Seattle, WA Houston, TX
Oakland, CA Miami, FL Newark, NJ Tacoma, WA Dallas, TX

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