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Investing in your own Southern Commercial Corporation territorial license is a very sound investment.
This is a home-based business that does not require a brick and mortar building with large overhead expenses.
Taking advantage of this license opportunity will give you training for your specific region so you can assist families and commercial clients save thousands of dollars in interest, pay off all their debt and mortgage faster without refinancing, appraisals or changing spending habits.
Five Benefits for Buying a SCC License
  1. High Return on Investment (R.O.I.);
  2. Be Your Own Boss;
  3. FREE and ONGOING Training and Marketing Materials;
  4. NO Hidden Fees with Little Overhead;
  5. Lucrative Compensation Plan Available.
SCC History
SCC was founded on December 4th, 2003 in the State of Missouri. Russell and Linda Davis have been in the commercial and consultant industry for the past 20 years and are both paralegals.
This program covers any and all properties.
Southern Commercial Corp has been doing live seminars for this program for the past 3 years, and has over 90% success rate of getting every family into the program. 
Market is Ripe for This Opportunity
Southern Commercial Corp License Opportunities


With our special Accelerator, you deposit your entire paycheck into a line of credit instead of your checking account, dramatically reducing the principal balance. Since simple interest is computed on your daily balance, you start saving interest immediately! No more compounded interest. You also pay all of your expenses out of your line of credit. Until you need the money, it stays in your account, keeping your loan balance lower, saving 5 to 6% in interest costs, versus earning almost nothing in your old checking account.



Paying less interest means that more of your money can go towards paying down the principal, and you pay off sooner. If you’re a borrower with good cash flow, you could pay off an average loan and/or mortgage in 2/3’s less time-with no change to spending habits or adding extra payments.

Southern Commercial Corp License Opportunities


We will teach you how to make your line of credit grow. As your old traditional mortgage principle goes down, your line of credit can be increased, giving you back total control and have a big ace in the hole. Access to your equity, when any emergency arrives, and as you know, it always seems to do so at the wrong times.
Southern Commercial Corp License Opportunities
Return on Investment
According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the average annual income return from a business should be equal to at least 30 to 50 percent a year of the total investment of any business.
With the license opportunity available at Southern Commercial Corporation, you will have the ability to earn substantial returns on your initial investment.
License Investment: $39,000
The following is an example of what can happen WITHOUT having to work 80+ hours through using your own personal resources and our marketing materials.
Look at what your R.O.I. would be on the following transactions:
Complete only 2 transactions per month produce an annual income of $   108,048.00
                  12 transactions per month produce an annual income of $   648,048.00
                  25 transactions per month produce an annual income of $ 1,350,600.00
ALL of the above for your license investment.
It can get even larger, depending on YOU.
Remember, there are NO more fees of any kind unless you need us to travel.
These are realistic projections because to Southern Commercial Corp's knowledge there is absolutely no other company that has such a complete educational package to completely eradicate ALL debt and then how to use the same money to create massive wealth.
  • Cost to duplicate the program would run upwards of $250,000. 
  • This program is copyright protected by federal law; therefore attempts to duplicate would be result in immediate legal action against the party.
New Licensee Requirements
Southern Commercial Corporation is looking for caring people, not just in the business for themselves, but the deep-hearted desire to help other people get what they want and need. We teach every person how to take back total financial control of their lives.

We reveal secrets that all lenders do not want any citizen to ever learn. Therefore, well-minded individuals who share principles as we do about helping others. We teach you to work smart, not hard where you have to put 80 hours a week into your business. We are a referral-based home business that usually takes 15 to 20 hours a week.

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