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Oh! Oh! Burrito Franchise Opportunities Oh! Oh! Burrito! is part of Concept Acquisitions II, LLC which also owns Flamers Burger & Chicken. Flamers Burger & Chicken is a twenty-five-year-old company that offers franchised locations throughout the US, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Egypt and the Philippines.

Our customers are our business, without them we have no business. We provide top quality food that is prepared fresh in a clean friendly environment and offered at a fair price. When a customer leaves an Oh! Oh! Burrito we want them to say that they enjoyed their food, our service and that they will be back!
Oh! Oh! Burrito Franchise Opportunities Why Choose Oh! Oh! Burrito?
  • Oh! Oh! Burrito has many distinct advantages when it comes to other restaurant options, so let's pile the reasons on high for you!
  • Oh! Oh! Burrito Franchise Business Advantages;
  • In business for yourself, not by yourself;
  • Established national brand name with customers and suppliers;
  • Proven quality and gourmet taste;
  • Easy-to-learn Operating System-no guesswork!
  • Volume buying power;
  • Accepted and welcomed in major malls, universities, hospitals, etc;
  • Professional marketing department;
  • Over 100 years combined experience and support at your fingertips;
  • Multiple Locations Allowed. 
Food Court System Advantages
  • Extremely high customer traffic;
  • Product-protected environment;
  • Competition buffers;
  • Added facility security;
  • Added facility advertising and promotions;
  • Common facility maintenance and upgrades-no cleaning the bathrooms!

Convenience Store Advantages

  • Valuable addition as a contributor to profits;
  • Easily converts less efficient floor space into added profits;
  • Pre-Fabricated Instant Pop-Up units offer the lowest startup cost in the industry;
  • Pre-Fabricated Instant Pop-Up units offer the fastest start to open time in the industry;
  • Clean National Brand appearance provides customers with purchasing confidence
Market Segment
Our menu and facility designs are intended to have a broad appeal across all age, financial and social groups. Our price points are not intended to compete with low-end high volume chains or high-end units, we have instead taken a middle ground that we feel pro-vides a fair value to the consumer in terms of quality, quantity and presentation.
Our Objectives
To develop Oh! Oh! Burrito! into a great franchise that provides its owners with outstanding opportunities within their communities. We want their locations to help them provide for their families, while providing them with a sense of pride in their ownership. We will continue on in our belief that if it is good for our owners then it is good for the company.

Support and Training
New owners are eligible for training at one of our working Oh! Oh! Burrito locations prior to their opening.
Our business model places a high degree of importance on retaining our franchises not only during the term of the franchise but into multiple renewal periods. Unlike some franchises that are geared for sales of new units, we believe firmly that it is far more efficient to retain a location than it is to find a new one. To do that continued support is a prime factor in helping our owners succeed in their business.

In addition to the above support, Oh! Oh! Burrito's corporate experts are available to assist you in any areas of concern. These excellent information resources are all as close as your telephone. Oh! Oh! Burrito is dedicated to the same goal that its franchisees are - SUCCESS!
  • Market Analysis;
  • Site Selection;
  • Lease Negotiation;
  • Architectural Drawing;
  • Equipment Layout;
  • Pre and Post Opening Training;
  • Product Guidelines and Specifications;
  • Complete Operational Manual;
  • Ongoing Operations Support;
  • Monthly Cost Analysis and Evaluation;
  • In-house Bookkeeping Training;
  • Product and Menu Updates;
  • Advertising and Marketing Guidelines;
  • Trouble-shooting Guides;
  • Equipment Purchase Price Guidelines;
  • Use of National Wholesale Distributor;
  • Easy-to-use corporate forms. 
Food Handling Safety
Course Many local authorities require that at least one person that has completed a Food Handling Safety Certificate be present during hours of operation. We require new franchise owners or their managers to complete a course prior to their opening

Oh! Oh! Burrito Services and Products
Made with the finest ingredients to insure the freshest, most appealing taste in Mexican Food today! Our Menu selections are suited to fast service operations with minimum labor and low food costs! Ideally suited for Co-Branding or Independent operations.

Oh! Oh! Burrito Franchise Opportunities Oh! Oh! Burrito: The name says it all. Choice of beef, chicken or steak, Cheese, cilantro rice, black beans, salsa fresca, lettuce, jalapenos, and sour cream

Wet Burrito “Make it “Wet”: by taking any signature burrito, smoother it with our signature red sauce and extra cheese and baked in the oven

Oh! Oh! Burrito Franchise Opportunities That’s a lota Ensalada: Oh! Oh! Burritos taco salad with fresh salsa, cheese, black olives, jalapenos, and sour cream

Mucho Mucho Nachos: Fresh tortilla chips covered with choice of beef or chicken, cheese, salsa, jalapeño, black olives and sour cream

Franchise Requirements
Experience Previous restaurant or business experience is always helpful but it is not required to obtain an Oh! Oh! Burrito franchise. A combination of training at our designated training locations, operations materials and onsite operations training will prepare new owners for their “Grand Opening”.

Oh! Oh! Burrito Franchise Opportunities Financial Requirements  

Franchise fee:     $25,000
$4,500 - $8,500
$30,000 - $65,000
Build Out:            $
50,000 - $175,000
$4,000 - $7,000
$4,000 - $7,500
Working Capital:
$4,000 - $15,000 
Equipment and Build-Out Costs reflect new facilities; take over locations may be less depending on infrastructure and equipment left behind. Oh! Oh! Burrito’s new Pop-Up Units and Kiosk units are not included in the above illustrations.

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