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OXXO Care Cleaners® is the most technologically advanced Dry Cleaning Franchise in the United States featuring an Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning, a Convenient Automatic 24/7 Pick-Up System and State of the Art Equipment to allow our franchisees to have a higher productivity with a lower headcount and related expenses.
OXXO Care Cleaners, a unique concept of Dry Cleaning offers:
  • An environmentally-safe cleaning service. People are continuously looking for ways to make their lifestyles easier to the environment. OXXO’s Green Eco-friendly solvent provides cost-effective garment care that does not harm customer, the environment, employees and, of course, the garments.
  • The highest quality. Not only does traditional steam pressing compromise air quality in and outside the dry cleaning facility, it shortens the lifespan of clothes. All OXXO’s garments are hand finished providing a beautiful look and a comfortable feel.
  • The convenience of a 24/7 service. At drop-off using the OXXO’s provides pouch, customers drop their garments through the secure kiosk door. At pick-up, customers use their OXXO’s magnetic card and their finished garments are delivered through the automatic kiosk door.
Our commitment to excellence is our promise to customers and that commitment ensures our success. The traditional garment cleaning business in the U.S. lingers in the “Mom & Pop” sector and lacks innovation. With the elimination hazardous chemicals and with the convenience of a 24/7 service, OXXO is a successful venture for successful entrepreneurs.
Company History
Back in 2001 OXXO’s President Mr. Salomon Mishaan visited some European countries searching for a revolutionary concept to be franchised in the United States. In Spain, we found OXXO and we liked the open work area and the hand iron finishing with its consequent excellent quality. Then in Italy, we found the most advanced technology to provide a first class service through a unique pick-up system that will allow our customers to pick-up their garments by themselves 24 hours a day. Finally, and taking into account the evolution of the green movement in the US, we found a silicon-based solvent, which is completely eco-friendly and harmless to the environment.
With these three characteristics, in 2003, OXXO Care Cleaners became the most environmentally safe and technologically advanced dry cleaner franchise in the United States.
Total Number of Units: 32
Franchised Units: 26
Year Established: 2001
Franchising Since: 2003
Awards: 6
Benefits of Owning Your Franchise
The traditional garment cleaning business in the U.S. lingers in the Mom & Pop sector and lacks innovation. With the elimination of antiquated equipment and hazardous chemicals, OXXO Care Cleaners® brings a successful venture directly from Europe that sets us far apart from other garment cleaners.

Here’s how:
  • Boutique style stores – light, air-conditioned and clean
  • Environmentally safe cleanser – GreenEarth
  • Technologically advanced, state-of-the-art European garment care equipment
  • Old-fashioned hand ironing methods
  • 24-hour ATM-Style pickup window (no more rushing to the garment cleaner before they close)
  • Pre-payment for services
  • Convenient online billing
  • Efficient software and material movement system
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Exceptional training and on-going support
  • Award winning marketing and advertising materials
  • Customer loyalty program
  • One price for each garment type – no gender bias
Financial Investment

Figures below are for a Single Full Store (Dry cleaning and laundry services):
Total Initial Investment: Approx. $450,000
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Liquid Capital Required: $125,000
Net Worth Required: $750,000
Financial Assistance: Through SBA
Training and Support
OXXO Care Cleaners provides training at no cost for two people. The training program consists of 63 hours of classroom training and 72 hours of on-the-job training.
Training is provided at OXXO’s headquarters in Hollywood, FL during two consecutive weeks. During the first week, the franchisee will learn about OXXO’s philosophy, rules, dress code, business practices. He/she will learn about classification of fabrics, stain removal practices, front counter and customer services. How to operate the software is also taught during the first week.

The second week of training is all about performing all activities related to the dry cleaning and laundry service:
  • Dry cleaning equipment and handling,
  • Ironing,
  • Shirt mannequin,
  • Conveyors,
  • Pre-spotting and post-spotting.
The instructional materials used during the training program include the Operations Manual, videos and slides as well as access to computers and software manuals.
Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection: Yes
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National): Yes: Corporate National
Does Corporate Provide Continued Training: Yes
Franchise Requirements
OXXO Care Cleaners has developed a unique dry cleaning concept, which includes the most advanced technology in the industry. This technology allows our franchisees to substantially reduce overhead and related expenses.
Franchise Investment:
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Set-up Fee: $20,000
(Furniture, Light boxes, Pendant lights, Signs)
Leasehold Improvements: $95,000 - $185,000
Working Capital (Rent deposit, Grand opening, Working capital, Insurance): (Rent deposit, Grand opening, Working capital, Insurance) $62,000 - $114,000
Equipment: $245,000 - $320,000
Total Investment Range: $452,000 - $670,000
Location Requirements
OXXO Care Cleaners is actively looking for locations for Dry-Cleaning Plants and Drop Stores using “Non-Hazardous,” “Environmental Friendly” dry-cleaning solvents. OXXO Care Cleaners is the only boutique-style garment care centers that uses the most technologically advanced equipment, environmentally safe cleansers and offer unequaled customer conveniences like 24-hour ATM styles pick-up, hand-ironing.
In order to grant success to our franchisees, our site selection is based in few demographic premises such as: High density high end, white collar areas, high traffic count, and high household income.

OXXO models include:
  • Plants from 1,500 – 1,700sf, and
  • Drops Stores from 700-1,000 sf.
In summary, we are looking for highly visible locations with good parking availability. Middle to upper income areas. White collar, with a median household income over $70,000 and higher with a population of 15,000 or more in one mile radius. Anchored center with supermarkets or drug stores are our first choice.
Top 35 Target Market Areas

OXXO’s expansion plans include local and international markets. Locally, we are looking new business commitments in all the east coast of the US mainly in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, California and North Florida.

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