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Nutri-Lawn Ecology Friendly Lawn Care Franchise


offers, sells and services franchises that provide programmed treatments of organic pesticide-free and traditional integrated pest management ("IPM") lawn care (fertilizer and controls) to residential and commercial lawns. Many of our owner/operators provide additional services to the home owners relating to lawn maintenance, cutting, edging,etc.

Company History

In 1983, Nutrilawn of Canada Incorporated was incorporated and began operating a lawn care business in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In 1985, the family of Richard Nelles purchased Nutrilawn of Canada Incorporated from the original owners and developed a full-fledged franchise system extending throughout Canada. In 1989, Nutrilawn of Canada Incorporated merged with Nutrilawn International, Inc., a Canadian corporation, and continued to carry on business under the name Nutrilawn International Inc.
In 1994, Nutrilawn International Inc. expanded its operations into the United States and created its whollyowned subsidiary, NUTRILAWN U.S., Inc. In 2000, Nutrilawn International, Inc. sold all of its assets, including its entire interest in NUTRILAWN U.S., Inc., to Nutrilawn Inc., a Canadian corporation.
NUTRILAWN U.S., Inc. has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nutrilawn Inc. since that time.
In 2005, The Franchise Company Inc. sold its 100% interest in Nutrilawn Inc. to Leafwing
Holdings Inc., an Ontario corporation. Leafwing Holdings Inc. is 100% held by Ted Dzialowski and Ryan
Vincent. Our corporate parent is Nutrilawn Inc.
NUTRILAWN U.S., Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation and was incorporated on March 10, 1994.
We do business under the names of "Nutri-Lawn" and "Nutri-Lawn Ecology Friendly Lawn Care." Nutri-Lawn anticipates that our franchisees will offer lawn care services throughout the United States.
Total Number of Units: 45
Franchised Units: 41
Year Established: 1983
Franchising Since: 1985

Benefits of Owning Your Franchise
For Nutrilawn, home-based to start, seasonal business model, low overhead to start, no staffing unless desired. Each owner sets their own rates, allowing them to earn at their desired level. Building equity in the business for their future and exit strategy. Tax write offs. The ability to balance work and life choices, letting them set their own priorities, reap the full rewards of their labor and work with those they choose to. Feel pride in something they build through their abilities, ideas and efforts.

Financial Investment

, has a $28K franchise fee, a $12K start-up package, recommended marketing for initial customer base, $30K, operating capital, travel and lodging costs for training are included in the start-up package, business operating funds for 2/3 months, $80-90K.
Total Initial Investment: $80-90K
Franchise Fee: $28K
Liquid Capital Required: $30-45K
Net Worth Required: $200K
Start-Up Capital: $30-40K
Financial Assistance: No

Training and Support

The initial training session lasts for two weeks
  • One week of training will take place at their place of business, and
  • The other week will be conducted at a location to be determined by Nutri-Lawn.
The initial training sessions are normally held twice a year in the summer and winter. Nutri-Lawn may hold additional initial training sessions at other times of the year if there is sufficient interest.
Typically, the initial training will be completed at least 30 to 60 days before they open the franchise. All travel and living expenses for the Designated Representative for initial training sessions are included in the cost of the Start-Up Kit.
You are not required to have other employees complete initial training, however, if you wish to have other employees attend the initial training sessions, the costs of such training and travel and living expenses shall be paid by the franchisee.
Before you open your business, the Designated Representative must complete the initial training session to the satisfaction of Nutri-Lawn.
Nutri-Lawn will provide two optional days of training each year at our principal offices in Toronto, Canada. The additional training sessions are free, but they must pay for all travel and living expenses.
Nutri-Lawn requires that all replacement Designated Representatives must complete the initial training session and the costs of such training and travel and living expenses shall be paid by the franchisee.
The initial training session and the additional training sessions are conducted by Nutri-Lawn's President and Agronomic Manager.
Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection: No
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National): No
Does Corporate Provide Continued Training: Yes

Franchise Requirements

Net worth above $200K.

Nutri-Lawn does not require, but prefers, that the owner supervise the franchised business personally. Nutri-Lawn does require that the franchised business be directly supervised by owner or a Designated Representative who has successfully completed Nutri-Lawn's training program. The Designated Representative must meet Nutri-Lawn’s standards and qualification requirements that a franchisee operator would be required to meet, except that the Designated Representative does not need to have an equity interest in the franchised business. The Designated Representative must devote his or her full time and best efforts to the administration and operation of the franchise business.

Location Requirements
Can start as a home-based business, as the business grows, an office location in a light industrial park, or other suitable location will be needed for parking vehicles, storing inventory and managing staff.
We will approve the market based on our internal data, but cannot be smaller than 50K households.

Top 35 Target Market Areas
We are available in all markets where we can find a population of 200K or more.
New York City, NY Washington D.C. Fort Lauderdale, FL Minneapolis, MN Kansas City, MO-KS
Los Angeles, CA Alexandria, VA Atlanta, GA St. Paul, MN Las Vegas, NV
Riverside, CA Jacksonville, FL Marietta, GA San Diego, CA Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL Orlando, FL Boston, MA St. Louis, MO Indianapolis, IN
Philadelphia PA Tampa, FL Detroit, MI Denver, CO Milwaukee, WI
San Francisco, CA St. Petersburg, FL Phoenix, AZ Seattle, WA Houston, TX
Oakland, CA Miami, FL Newark, NJ Tacoma, WA Dallas, TX

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