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MobiX Mobile Car Care is the next big thing in mobile vehicle care for both residential and commercial clients. The basic idea is to provide mobile auto maintenance service and complete automotive cleaning by expertly trained technicians directly to the consumer.
MobiX Car Services mobile mechanics travel to the location where the car is garaged (home, office or car lot) and perform routine maintenance and fleet services.

The ultimate goal is to provide convenient, high-quality vehicle services that will ensure:
  • Valuable, Time-Saving, On-Site Service;
  • Safe and Reliable Vehicle Operation and Performance.  
The Six MobiX Benefits
  • Professional Advertising and Marketing Tools;
  • Registered Use of Franchise Logo and Signage;
  • Discounted Pricing on Supplies and Equipment;
  • Ongoing Training and Support;
  • Custom Web Site Design and Placement;
  • Access to Proprietary On-Line Reservation System. 

The Rise of Mobile Car Care in America
MobiX Mobile Car Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Detailing Service
Today, the United States has more than 50,000 detailers in operation. The majority of these work as mobile operators, working in all residential and commercial areas. 
Auto detailing is the performance of an extremely-thorough interior cleaning, and exterior polishing and waxing of the automobile to produce a show-quality level of detail.
Detailing and regular maintenance helps to preserve the car and increase resale value!
Oil Change Service
Any entrepreneur that owns a car care business will have an advantage when they include oil change service.
  • Over 130 million registered vehicles in the United States alone;
  • This means over 390 million oil changes a year in the United States (3 oil changes a year / car) 
If you can secure a fraction of one percent of this market, you will find yourself as the leader of the mobile car care industry - earning a six-figure annual income!
You do not need a mechanics license to perform oil changes in most areas of the United States!
In today’s “not enough hours in the day” world, MobiX removes the hassle of dropping off your vehicle for service by bringing our service directly to the consumer!
MobiX Mobile Car Care provides the ultimate solution to keep your car looking and operating like new without ever having to leave your home or office!
MobiX Mobile Car Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)MobiX's Exemplary Services
We provide customers with convenient, affordable and ecologically-friendly vehicle services that include:
  • Oil and filter changes;
  • Lubrication;
  • Fluid Top Off;
  • Nitrogen tire inflation and rotation;
  • Interior cleaning/detailing;
  • Exterior waterless detailing;
  • Wiper blade replacement;
  • Headlight restoration;
  • Battery testing;
  • Air filter replacement; 
  • Fuel system treatment.
Every new MobiX Franchise Owner will engage in 2 weeks of on-site training.
This will include:
  • MOBIX Car Services and Processes;
  • Equipment and Supplies Training;
  • Preparation of Mobil Service Unit;
  • Service Writing;
  • Oil Change and Tire Care;
  • Invoice Preparation;
  • Franchise Territory;
  • Franchise Safety. 
MobiX Franchise Support
MobiX Mobile Car Care provides ongoing technical and marketing support for every franchisee. MobiX's experienced staff are available to answer questions daily. Every franchise owner will have a regional manager to provide assistance and instruction with district and general managers on call for further answers to questions that arise. 
The strength of the MobiX system focuses on the following factors:
  • Technology; 
  • Exchange of information;
  • Attendance at regional and national conferences.
Each of these tools is designed to increase business management skills, marketing, operations and to provide networking opportunities with other MobiX Mobile Car Care franchisees and partners.
The MobiX Demographic
  • Commercial Businesses with Fleets / Route Vehicles; (i.e. taxi companies, courier companies and utility companies);
  • Shopping Malls;
  • Schools and Universities;
  • Car Rental Businesses;
  • Car Sales Lots without Maintenance Departments;
  • People that Value Their Time;
  • Senior Centers/55+ Active Adult Communities;
  • Large Office Complexes.

Financial Requirements of MobiX
Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000
Mobil Truck with Equipment: $75,000
Advertising: $2,000 / quarter
Computer Hardware & Software: $1,700
Target Market Area
MobiX Mobile Car Care offers franchise opportunities throughout North America with a strong focus on specific states listed below:
Arizona Louisiana New Mexico  South Carolina
California Massachusetts New York Texas
Connecticut Minnesota North Carolina Vermont
Florida New Hampshire Oklahoma Virginia
Georgia New Jersey Pennsylvania

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