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Mike's Master Mechanics Master Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Mike's Master Mechanics is a full service automotive maintenance and repair shop franchise headquartered in Las Vegas. Mike Murphy founded Mike's Master Mechanics in 2002 and expanded very rapidly to several strong location throughout Las Vegas by developing a proprietary operating model that demands customer satisfaction and delivers high quality services at fair prices through experienced, well trained, well equipped and motivated employees.
Mike's Master Mechanics has built a reputation across the Las Vegas Valley for reliable, trustworthy service. Mike's Master Mechanics promotes itself as a “branded”, dealer alternative, and has grown by delivering quality service, fair prices and an unconditional 90-day warranty on all work. Mike's Master Mechanics is the only chain operating in Las Vegas with all stores carrying an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. It operates on the principal of 100% customer satisfaction.

As we have franchised our operations due to the high demand for quality automotive service in every market our mission remains the same; to provide high-quality, reliable and trustworthy automotive repair and services for retail customers and commercial businesses. Our competitive advantages include professional, experienced staff, systemized training, and a proprietary operating model, which allows competitive pricing while providing a superior experience to our customers.
We haven’t re-invented the wheel, we just bring generally expected retail standards to an industry where they’ve rarely been applied. Competence and integrity are at the heart of the operation. We treat everyone right. We are profitable. And it’s our firm belief that integrity leads to even higher profits when operating in an industry where that quality is rare.
Perception of Auto Repair Shops
The automotive aftermarket for maintenance and repair is estimated at over $150 Billion per year. However, it is extremely fragmented, with no single provider having even a 1% market share. The automotive aftermarket for maintenance and repair is bigger and more fragmented than the pre-Starbucks coffee market; however, customers typically are more unhappy with the available choices.
The stereotype for an auto service garage typically is well deserved:
  • Many are dishonest;
  • Most are incompetent, 
  • The shops actually run by a decent mechanic usually aren’t good at business or customer relations.
The typical customer’s perspective is that he/she:
  • Goes to the auto repair shop with some partially undefined problem;
  • Gets told by the mechanic, often after it is too late to seek an alternative opinion, that there is more wrong and/or a bigger problem than the customer realized;
  • Waits longer for the repairs than he/she’s told it will take; is treated poorly;
  • Leaves having paid more than he/she expected.

And, typically, women in particular feel threatened or at least annoyed by the attitudes of most auto repair store staff.

Mike's Master Mechanics Master Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)The Nice Brand

"A Mechanic You Can Trust"
Mike's Master Mechanics, Inc., a chain of automotive maintenance and repair stores currently operating in the Las Vegas area under the name Mike's Master Mechanics™, was created to change all that.
Its mission is “do it differently, do it better”, to be “a mechanic you can trust.”
Mike's Master Mechanics didn’t reinvent the wheel; it just brought generally expected service and customer relations standards to an industry where they have rarely been applied. Competence and integrity are at the heart of all our operations.
Mike's Master Mechanics strives to operate as social capitalists – treating everyone the way one would hope to be treated, whether they be: customers, suppliers, employees or franchisees.
Mike's Master Mechanics' approach is straightforward:
  • 100% customer satisfaction is a must.
  • The Company has changed the way mechanics typically are paid.
We pay people for making customers happy, and how hard they work. We’ve removed the economic stimulus to upsell and/or lie. Rather than commission-based pay and piece work labor compensation (which encourages mechanics to offer repairs that may not be needed), the Mike's Master Mechanics offers full-time positions with regular wages and benefits, vacation, and overtime pay.
"Being Nice to Each Other"
The Company intends to change how franchisees are treated. Most automotive franchisors prey upon their franchisees, leaving them scrambling to survive. The Company’s franchisees are making money; thus, unlocking a key to building a national, branded franchise organization.

The Company’s corporate culture promotes “being nice.”
  • Nice to each other.
  • Nice to the Company’s customers.
  • Nice to the community.

Even the Company’s policy manual notes: “we have a 'no jerks allowed” policy.”

  • Competence and integrity are at the heart of all our operations. “Your success is our success.”
  • We operate from the highest ethical standards. “We treat people the way we want to be treated! We strive to be nice.”
  • Our customer relations approach is straightforward: 100% Customer Satisfaction Proprietary business systems and management software.
  • The ability to retain and motivate the best talent in the industry!
  • Many new car dealerships are closing, causing increased demand for independent service options.
  • Many talented mechanics and service managers are in the workplace because of these closings
  • Deferred maintenance on leased vehicles and high prices of new vehicles have caused increased need to maintain vehicles.
  • One-on-one training and support by “Mike and team” 
Training and Support
You'll start with a full 4 weeks of on-site training in a real, operating Mike's Master Mechanics location. During your hands-on training, you'll learn firsthand about how the business works. You'll interact with employees and customers and experience the selling and service processes in action. You'll learn the opening, closing and financial aspects of daily operations.

Pre-Opening Support Services
  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Facilities Design
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance
  • Source for Financing
  • New Business Start-Up Planning
  • Operational/Management Training
  • In-Store Training
  • Hiring Assistance
Comprehensive Concept / Operational Training includes:
  • Customer Satisfaction Training
  • Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Accounting Systems Training
  • Acquiring Wholesale Accounts
  • Insurance Selection
  • Warranty Programs
  • Proprietary Software Training
  • Advertising/Marketing Best Practices
As part of its franchisor responsibilities, the Company will advise franchisees on market strategies.
As the franchisee develops the appropriate geographic footprint in a market, and capital-permitting, it may explore other methods to attract new customers. However, the Company believes that most traditional forms of advertising are not effective in the automotive repair field.
Mike's Master Mechanics Master Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Technology
The Company believes its competitive advantages include professional, experienced staff and systemized training. The Company embraces the latest technology both in providing services and in running the business. The Company and its franchisees use a proprietary data management/information technology system (MK ManagerTM ) developed by the Company.
This program:
  • Maintains detailed information on the entire customer base;
  • Provides for a fast, efficient and minimally-invasive check-in process for returning customers;
  • Maintains service records for all customers, and provides a wealth of costing and service trends information to the company.
The Company’s proprietary software efficiently integrates all aspects of running each store; is very user friendly, and was designed with multi-unit operations in mind.
ASE Certified 
Mike's Master Mechanics employs ASE Certified Master Mechanics, and equips every store with state-of-the-art equipment and computers. Technical data and service bulletins for all vehicles are available in every Mike's Master Mechanics store to all mechanics - at the touch of a button.
Mike's Master Mechanics Master Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Services Provided
Currently, the Company’s most popular services include:
  • Diagnostic Repair,
  • Air Conditioning Service,
  • Brakes,
  • Cooling System,
  • Electronic Fuel Injection Service,
  • Transmission Service.
In addition to providing the standard automotive services, the Company’s owned and franchised locations also strive to educate their customers about their vehicles and encouraging them to ask questions. The Company’s belief is that “the more the customers know the better we look

Franchise Requirements
Automotive knowledge is helpful, but not necessary. Strong Marketing and Communication Skills. Experience in Sales and Business Operations. The ability to manage and motivate a team of employees. Strong Organizational skills and ability to follow a proven system Desire to Build a Successful Business while servicing your community.
Financial Requirements
Single Unit Master
Cash Investment


$150,000 - $250,000
Total Investment

$122,000 - $346,000

$150,000 - $400,000
Minimum Net Worth $200,000 $300,000
Franchise Fee
$136,000 - $345,000
Royalty 6% 50/50
Ad 1%
Financial Assistance Provided From 3rd Party Sources
Site Selection Assistance YES
Lease Negotiation Assistance YES
Co-Op Advertising YES but not in place
Franchise Location
A typical location will have on average 5 bays and a nice waiting area. Your franchise location must have a population base of at least 100,000 people. There will not be another location granted within 3 miles of any location.
Beyond that, we understand that the competition has a tendency to over saturate certain markets, thus limiting the potential success of their franchisees. We will carefully analyze each situation and allow our franchisees more customer opportunity per store when compared to everyone else.
Target Market Area
Alabama Louisiana New Jersey Texas
Arizona Maine New Mexico Utah
Colorado Massachusetts North Carolina Vermont
Connecticut Mississippi Ohio Washington D.C.
Florida Missouri Oklahoma
Georgia Nebraska Pennsylvania
Iowa Nevada South Carolina
Kentucky New Hampshire Tennessee
At Mike's Master Mechanics we truly partner in and care about your success; just ask our current franchisees. There is no better time to invest in yourself and partner with someone who cares about your success. Joining Mike’s Master Mechanics is the best way to take advantage of this growing industry!

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