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A High Margin-Internet Based-B to B Sales Business
Locallife has invested over 10 million dollars in an Internet-based technology platform and web-based management system that provides our franchisees with an exclusive territory in which to sell online advertising, custom websites and outbound marketing tools to small and medium-sized businesses within their local community.
Locallife Franchise Opportunities
Each of our 2110 local internet directories throughout the US represent a single franchise territory; and, on average, list 6500 businesses that consumers have access to online. The 6500+ businesses are also our franchisees lead list for which to sell Locallife products and services.
Locallife’s single-unit franchise fee is $37,500 and Regional Developer fees start at $262,500. To open up a territory we must first place a Regional Developer as they will support the single franchisees under them within their region.

The Top 5 Reasons to Consider the Locallife Regional Developer Opportunity
Locallife Franchise Opportunities1.) Local Internet advertising is the hottest growth area in advertising today. Print advertising is a “shrinking iceberg” due to the low cost aspect and effectiveness of the Internet.  
2.) You do not have to be a “technology wizard” to own a high-tech Internet business. We handle all of the technology needs. You simply supply the business and sales experience to follow the Locallife System.  
3.) Locallife Regional Developers enjoy their own high margin online platform (the Regional Coupon Page), in addition to the recurring revenue stream generated by ad sales and upgraded businesses listings within the local directories. Historically, Locallife has experienced an 85% client retention rate for its paid business listings.  
4.) Locallife Regional Developers retain 100% of the net single unit franchise fees sold in their territory, and share generated royalties from the single-unit franchisees within their region 50/50 with Locallife.  
5.) As a Locallife Regional Director, you will own a high profile, high margin technology business and become the recognized authority on Internet marketing within your Region.      

Company Background
Locallife began in the United Kingdom in 2000, and was an early pioneer in the online directory space. Since that time, Locallife has successfully launched directories, listing all the business in the UK, New Zealand, France; and since 2008, the United States.
The U.S. corporate headquarters for the United States is located in a 12,000 square foot facility in San Diego Ca. Management operates a Regional Developer model in San Diego County giving candidates the ability to see and experience a Regional Developer business.

A Distributed Management Model vs. A Distributed Sales Model
Locallife Franchise OpportunitiesLocallife’s Regional Developer opportunity is a distributed management model as opposed to a distributed sales model that many master or area developer franchise concepts offer.
Locallife Regional Franchisees awarded a territory are the front line managers for the single-unit franchise owners within their Region. They are obligated to operate a minimum of 4 single unit franchises or directories.
Regional Franchisees are required to operate from an approved office location that will support the single franchisees with meeting space; administrative help and regional leadership.
Locallife currently supports 2110 local directories listing all the businesses within the US in the fast-moving field of technology. It is management’s goal to be recognized as the best in the world within the local Internet advertising space. With the Regional Developer distributed management mode in place, management has confidence it can achieve its goal.

The Attributes of a Regional Developer
We are often asked if a Regional Developer should have a technical or sales background. While sales experience is necessary for a single-unit franchisee, it is not for the Regional Developer. Locallife is seeking individuals that have experience in business, primarily as a successful business owner or upper- level manager. A Regional Sales Manager with the right background can be recruited to follow the Locallife System. Because Locallife handles all of the technology, including platform upgrades, new product development and website development; Regional Developers need not have technology experience. 
Regional Developers should have the desire and ability to lead a high tech business with high visibility within their region.

Products and Services

Locallife Franchise OpportunitiesCustom Websites: Locallife has produced over 6,000 custom websites in over 1,000 business categories. On average, Locallife custom websites are 40% less that boutique website development firms.


Directory Links: Locallife lists all the business alphabetically within its 2110 local directories. Ours in not a “pay to play” directory business model; it is a “pay for position” model. Entry level pricing for businesses to gain a high position in their local directory may do so for as little as $400 per year.


Banner Advertising: Throughout each local directory, there are numerous spaces to sell premium-placed Tower and Leader banner advertisements that link to the websites of Locallife clients.


Coupon Offerings: Locallife is an aggregator of coupons for businesses and has developed a powerful portal that is referred to as the Regional Coupon Page; for which consumers can easily access the best deals within their area. Regional Developers are able to enjoy high margins on the sales generated on the Regional Coupon Page. Locallife clients are able to create their coupon offers via a password protected area giving them the ability to change the offer 24/7.


Marketing Tools: Locallife also offers powerful outbound marketing tools for its clients, giving them the ability to utilize our technology for a small investment. These tools include email distribution facility allowing businesses to attach their offers to their coupons and track responses. In addition, Locallife client’s subscription includes a text message marketing facility to instantly make offers to thousands at a time. Forrester Research states the permission based text message marketing will become a 5.12 billion dollar business by 2012.  

How Do I Learn More About the Locallife Opportunity?
The next step to learn more about Locallife is to contact your VR professional to determine if you meet the minimum requirements. If so, a one-on-one webinar will be scheduled to give you a better understanding of Locallife and answer your questions. The next step is to visit Locallife’s facilities in San Diego for a Discovery Day to make the mutual determination if the Locallife Regional Developer opportunity is right for you.
Locallife Franchise Opportunities
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