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Lenny's Sub Shops Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)The creation of a truly great sub is no small feat. At Lenny's we pride ourselves on serving up Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks & the Deli Fresh Experience™. Since the beginning, Lenny's commitment to quality and attention to detail has gone into every restaurant and every sub sandwich.


Lenny's is the only place to find Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks & The Deli Fresh Experience™. We slice our meats and cheeses fresh to order and pile them high on fresh baked bread. With about a half pound of meat and cheese on the regular size sub, and about a full pound on the large size sub, Lenny's provides an unmatched value for our guests' hard earned dollars. Our Philly Cheesesteak is cooked fresh to order and is served hot off the grill.


Lenny's commitment to its guests is clear – More Food, More Taste, More Personality®. Our commitment means that substantial portions, quality produce and great customer service can be found in every Lenny's Sub Shop®.





The first Lenny's Sub Shop® opened in 1998 in a suburb of Memphis, TN to satisfy cravings for authentic subs and Philly Cheesesteaks. Though Lenny's Sub Shop® was originally planned as a single-unit restaurant, the tremendous reception from guests at the first location prompted rapid growth and the concept soon became franchised with 156 Units. Lenny's, now owned by Lenny's Franchisor, LLC, continues to expand across the country.



Training & Support

  • 5-Day Lenny’s University
  • 20-Day Restaurant Skills Training
  • Area Franchise Advisor and Area Marketing Advisor assigned to each restaurant for ongoing training and support
  • Opening team support for operations and marketing

A minimum of five weeks of training is provided for you and two other key people from your organization. Training is currently conducted at our corporate office in Memphis and our designated training restaurant.


Lenny's Sub Shops Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Hands-On Experience

We also take you on the road with us to open new restaurants prior to opening your first Lenny's. This gives you a chance to practice all that you learned during your training as well as work on your proficiency. New operators have found this hands-on experience to be an invaluable training opportunity to prepare them for their own opening day.


Opening Your Restaurant

When it does come time to open your restaurant, we will help you pre-train your new staff a couple of days beforehand
Our training team will be with you for several more days to help get your restaurant off to a successful start.
After that, we supply ongoing training opportunities and visit your restaurant from time to time to ensure you are receiving all the support you need, and that you are staying true to the Lenny's brand.
We are always available to you by phone when you need us.


Site Selection Assistance: Yes

Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes

Cooperative Advertising: Yes

Construction Assistance: Yes



Description of a Protected Territory


Exclusivity available for well-capitalized franchisees who wish to build wealth over time in a protected territory established by a formula of 1 store per 50 thousand in population.


Cost of multi-unit deal depends on size of deal with price breaks starting at 5 store package. A single store is granted a 1-mile protected radius.



Franchise Requirements


While having prior restaurant experience is certainly an advantage, many of our franchisees never had any restaurant experience.
Our concept is highly teachable and we do an outstanding job of training our franchisees how to run their business. We look for well capitalized entrepreneurs actively involved in their own success.


Average Location Size: 1600 – 2000 square feet.


Employees Needed

Fixed: General Manager (1)

Shift Leader (2)

Variable: Hourly Employees (12)



Financial Requirements


Total Investment:
$216,500 - $369,000
Liquid Cash Requirement:
Minimum Net Worth:
Franchise Fee:
VetFran, Minority Fran, Multi Unit
Financial Performance Representation:

Target Market Area
All areas throughout the United States.

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