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IFS Master Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)International Franchise Solutions (IFS) provides its Franchisees the ability to create immediate income, residual income and build equity while helping businesses expand their businesses through franchising, licensing, distributorships and other successful growth programs.
Franchisees become prestigious franchise and business expansion consultants and help businesses in their area duplicate their businesses throughout the world and save money by using proven tools, systems and programs provided to them by International Franchise Solutions (IFS).
IFS Overview
International Franchise Solutions (IFS) with their extremely successful track record of creating, developing and selling new franchise companies and distributorships will take the new franchisor to the next level. Because International Franchise Solutions (IFS) will not only create the franchise in the right way so it can be sold, we will also partner up with the new business and help it to be sold with the highly successful systems already established.
State of the Industry

Franchising today accounts for over $2.3 trillion in annual sales through over 4,000 franchise companies. Other distributorships and dealerships account for additional huge volumes of business every year. In the United States alone, 41 cents of every retail dollar is spent at a franchise operation and only 8% of those retail businesses are franchised.

  • Low Franchise Fees
  • No Royalty Fees
  • Home Based
  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Opportunity to work with top franchise executives
  • Up to date training technology
  • Effective marketing systems
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Several streams of income
Marketing Strategy
IFS Master Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)The licensee will be able to take advantage of several successful marketing systems. Business owners are very receptive to the idea of franchising or expanding their business. The approach of consulting with them about franchising their business is a simple approach and will allow the licensee to develop great relationships with business owners in their area very quickly which will allow them to sell the franchise development program or other residual income services. The idea of franchising is attractive to almost all business owners and they will be open to hearing about the program. A few of the lead generation systems available to the licensee:
Target leads can be provided to the licensee? Targeted business leads in their areas for specific industries 1800+ industries Telephone qualification and follow up of the leads in their area for quick access to businesses in their area that want to franchise can be completed by IFS call center Qualified leads are then turned over to the licensee for a small fee per lead.

Business Brokers
Licensees will have the opportunity to develop relationships with business brokers in their area who will, in turn, refer clients to them. Brokers see businesses very frequently that want to franchise.

Media Advertising Executives and other Business to Business Sales People
Develop relationships with several business to business sales people who are working with many small businesses on a day to day basis. As these salespeople are encouraged to ask the question to the business owners they come in contact whether they have considered franchising or not, they will get many interested business owners as leads to turn over to the franchisee.
  • Media advertising
  • Local newspaper advertising
  • Direct mail to businesses
  • Local Internet advertising


Your competition will include other businesses offering similar products and services to businesses. Some competition includes lawyers, other companies that offer franchising services. There are some great franchise development companies out there. These companies will do about 100 or more new franchise development deals per year. They are very good at what they do.
They will typically charge for their consulting, FDD and agreement preparation, operation manual, marketing materials, etc. between $100,000 to $150,000 (we have these prices listed on copies of proposals they have submitted to potential franchisors). They will do a great job in completing the documentation needed to become a franchisor. They will even do a manual on franchise marketing and sales. Then they will lay the manuals on the table and congratulate the new company owners on becoming a franchisor and that is typically where it ends.
The new franchisor is on their own to do the most important and most difficult task of selling the franchises. The preparation of the documents can be done by many great sources. What will have the most impact on the success of the new franchisor is whether or not they are able to sell the franchises.

Training and Support
2 ½-day training program for IFS Franchisee that includes the following:
  • Life Pilot Program
  • Relationship building
  • Four absolute essential elements of franchising
  • Learning to recognize great opportunities
  • Successful marketing strategies
  • Generating Income
  • Franchise/distributorship development
  • Residual income services
  • Online support systems – IFS Network
  • Operating your business

Franchise Requirements
  • Business experience(extensive business experience for Master franchisee)
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Can follow a proven system
  • Positive Attitude
  • Proper financial qualifications
Financial Requirements
Single Unit Master
Cash Investment

$35,000 - $39,000

$130,000 - $200,000
Total Investment

$35,000 - $39,000

$130,000 - $200,000
Minimum Net Worth $50,000 $250,000
Franchise Fee
$125,000 - $300,000
Royalty No Royalty Fees
Ad Up to 2%
Financial Assistance Provided Through 3rd Party
Site Selection Assistance N/A
Lease Negotiation Assistance N/A
Co-Op Advertising N/A
Franchise Location
Home based or small office

The IFS Facts

Every year 300 to 600 new franchise companies are established and attempt to go nationwide to build their mini-empire by selling their opportunity to investors who see the vision of the franchisor. Countless distributorships and dealerships are created and desire to go nationwide as well. Many of these new franchise companies and distributorships don’t make it. Many consulting firms can produce the necessary documents and marketing materials to create a new franchise entity and then it stops there. The franchisor cannot get the hang of selling the franchises and cannot move the company forward.
Examples of Franchising Successes
Those that IFS and sister company FGS have worked with from start through the sale of the franchises.

Health Source Chiropractic
Our organization developed all the necessary franchise documentation for Health Source. Once this was completed, FGS began selling the master franchises. Almost 30 master franchises were sold in a little over a year and half. Many single unit franchises were sold and in the March 2009 edition of the Franchise Times Magazine the top 55 fastest growing new franchises were evaluated and listed. Health Source was ranked the number one fastest growing new franchise. This all happened in about a three year period of time.
Massage Envy
Two top executives of Massage Envy had been traveling around the country visiting business broker’s offices. They stopped by a broker’s office in Dallas and asked them to help sell their franchises. They were told by the broker that they should be contacting Dan Olsen on how to do that. They visited another broker in Denver. The broker in Denver said that they should be working with Dan Olsen. Massage Envy found us in their own backyard here in the Phoenix area.
We helped them put together the master franchise program and began selling their master franchises. 50 master franchises were sold in about 3 years and about 800 single unit franchise were sold. Five years later after the master franchise program was set up, the franchise company was sold for a very significant amount.

Esio Beverage Systems 
New drop and drink technology combined with a franchise system created by our organization has allowed Esio to begin their expansion across the USA and throughout the world. Our organizations created the franchise documents and the master franchise program. 5 master franchises were sold in the first 6 months of the franchising effort to start this company off with a great kickoff.
Within 1 year of starting a distributorship sales program through our organizations dozens and dozens of distributorships have been sold throughout the USA. This South Dakota company is making its mark around the country, soon around the world.

Target Market Area
Alabama Louisiana New Jersey Texas
Arizona Maine New Mexico Utah
Colorado Massachusetts North Carolina Vermont
Connecticut Mississippi Ohio Washington
Florida Missouri Oklahoma Washington D.C.
Georgia Nebraska Pennsylvania
Iowa Nevada South Carolina
Kentucky New Hampshire Tennessee

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