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Figaro's Pizza Franchise OpportunitiesFresh ingredients generously portioned lead to our pizzas having "Flavors That Sing!" Consumers love the food and you'll love the system. Celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2011.
Pizza is America's favorite ethnic food. In fact, 93% of all Americans eat pizza on a regular basis, resulting in a growing industry of over $36 billion.
For 30 years, the key to Figaro's Pizza franchise success has been our unique positioning in the marketplace, attention to detail and the quality of our product. We know who to target in each market and have created effective consumer-level sales and marketing strategies that generate sales. Our business is based on repeat customers who are loyal and love our products.
All of our locations offer customers "Take and Bake" and either pick up or delivery. Our research has enabled us to develop a crust that will hold its consistency and quality until the time the customer puts their Figaro's Pizza into their own oven. A number of our locations offer inside dining and party rooms. We also cater parties, events and have developed effective promotions geared for holidays and various special events.
Company History
Figaro's Pizza Franchise OpportunitiesFigaro's began in 1981 as the dream of two entrepreneurs, Corkey Gorley & Al DeBacker in Salem, Oregon, who wanted to meet the needs of busy families. In an era when both parents often work outside the home and there's a universal demand for speed, quality, value and convenience, Figaro's popularity has increased year after year as a partner in mealtime preparation.
In June of 2001, Figaro's was purchased by a group led by Ron Berger, a franchise veteran of 35 years. Ron put into place a plan for Figaro's long term growth. It began internally by creating an infrastructure to support the new stores and franchisees. Now, with state of the art store design, all-new brand positioning and a delicious, unique pizza product, Figaro's is poised for rapid expansion.
Total Number of Units: 70
Franchised Units: 70
Year Established: 1981
Franchising Since: 1986

Benefits of Owning a Figaro Franchise
Be the boss. Instead of making a lot of money for everyone else, the time is right to make it for yourself. Regardless of how productive your efforts have been, the results and amount of money in your pocket are still the same. The time is right to build your own assets and equity instead of working for someone else. Keep the income instead of just a commission or salary. You deserve it. Figaro’s Pizza is a business you will be proud to own. In fact, your family and friends will all want to participate with you in the expansion of the business because it is so much fun and the potential is clearly visible.
Financial Investment
The total investment to become a Figaro’s franchisee will depend on which franchise structure you choose. For a single-unit franchise, the investment can range between $91,000 and $398,450. If you elect to purchase a multi-unit franchise, your investment would be a function of how many and the type of stores you plan to build. In all cases, the investment includes the initial franchise fees, training costs, inventory, build-out expenses, computer hardware and software and insurance.
Total Initial Investment: $91,000 - $398,450
Franchise Fee: $25,000*
Liquid Capital Required: $150,000
Net-Worth Required: N/A
Franchise Assistance: Third Party
Start-Up Capital: $150,000
* and $10,000 Coordination fee and $12,500 Grand Opening advertising commitment.

Training and Support
We offer assistance in nearly every aspect of your business from:
  • Site Selection, Lease Negotiation and Construction; to
  • Training and Ongoing Marketing and Operations Support.

Our team of professionals assures that while you may be going into business for yourself, you are not going by yourself.

One of the key components of getting you prepared to open your first Figaro’s Pizza store is our 30-day training program. It includes both classroom instruction and on-the-job training. The course is designed to orient you to every part of our operation from personnel to food preparation to inventory control to marketing.

ut the assistance doesn’t stop there. In fact, it never stops. You will be assigned a Field Service Representative whose primary job is to help you make more revenue and more profit every day. They will work with you on tracking and managing costs, ensuring customer satisfaction and running a successful business. Using both telephone and store visits, they will be invaluable in the operation of your business.
Whether you are looking to operate a single store, run multiple stores or to build out an entire area, Figaro's Pizza should be your choice.
Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection: Yes
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National): Yes
Does Corporate Provide Continued Training: Yes

Franchise Requirements
We are interested in people with a proven track record of success. We are continually seeking enthusiastic, professional individuals and organizations that have the ability to relate well with both customers and employees. We look for integrity, organizational skills and dedication.
  • $150,000 liquid cash
  • Outgoing personality, lots of energy and stamina
  • A strong work ethic and must be entrepreneurial
  • Time available for 2-5 weeks training
  • Ability to spend long periods of time on your feet and lift 40lbs
  • Must like people including children and teenagers
Location Requirements
Figaro's Pizza stores can be designed to fit a variety of retail spaces. The primary layout is for a 1,000 to 1,200 square foot delivery / carry-out model. For larger spaces, seating can be included and the décor and merchandising elements include a viewing window so kids and adults both can watch their pizza being made and learn about the freshness and flavor our products.

Top 35 Target Market Areas

Single Store franchising available in the following states: California, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Washington & Wisconsin. Principal focus is currently on Wisconsin and the Pacific Northwest.


Multi-Store franchising available in all states except Hawaii, Maryland, Rhode Island and Virginia.


Master Franchises available in many states and in most of the world outside the U.S.


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