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Enviro-Master services franchise: a unique recession-proof business of your own!

Now is the time to start your own Enviro Master services franchise. The Hygiene industry since 2009, the only one of those unique businesses that will never become outdated. Be part of our incredibly successful team. We invite you to take advantage of this exciting franchise business opportunities.
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  • Own a unique recession-proof business;
  • Limited capital required;
  • Limited competition;
  • Excellent profit margins;
  • Unlimited growth potential.

Enviro-Master Franchise Advantage
Many franchisors will franchise multiple business owners within the same City. Enviro-Master grants only one franchise in most metro areas. As an Enviro-Master franchise owner, you will own a large territory with exclusive rights to the company system and brand. 
Enviro-Master Services Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Why Choose Enviro-Master Franchise?

Enviro-Master’s proven business model offers franchise partners an excellent opportunity to earn an executive income. You provide the sales and management experience and we provide top level training, back-office services and on-going support.

Our improved business model maximizes sales and revenues, as it minimizes technician drive time and paperwork.  If you’d like to succeed, come join those who already have.

Five Benefits of buying an Enviro-Master Franchise
  • Recession-Resistant-Enviro-Master’s hygiene service business should generate significant income and growth even in difficult economic times;
  • Limited Capital Required-total capital required to operate a successful Enviro-Master franchise is estimated between $85,000 and $190,000, depending upon the size of the market, this includes the $35,000 to 75,000 paid to Enviro-Master Franchise LLC as its franchise fee;
  • Limited Competition-due to Enviro-Master’s focus on hygiene and sanitization services, very few competitors exist who specialize in this area, thus providing a wonderful “service niche” for franchisees;
  • Excellent Return on Investment - when properly managed, it is estimated that Enviro-Master franchises can generate multiples of their original investment within five years of operation;
  • Unlimited Growth Potential-because Enviro-Master customers consist of all businesses which have restrooms, the market potential is virtually unlimited.
Products and Services
Commercial Hygiene: Enviro-Master trained technicians use chemicals, which are specifically designed to remove germs and bacteria from the surface and within the microscopic pores of porcelain restroom fixtures.

Sani-Scrub: The sani-scrub programs targets this specific and pervasive problem within our customer's restrooms. Using low pressure equipment and a cleaning solution, we spray and scrub all restroom surfaces, including walls, floors, stalls and hardware.

We understand the importance of applying sani-guard to restroom fixtures, which treats all of the following diseases:

  • MRSA;
  • Influenza A;
  • HIV;
  • Hepatitis Coli;
  • Streptococcus;
  • Salmonella;
  • Tuberculosis.

Operational Training/Support in Best Industry Practices

Your franchise investment begins with three weeks of intensive training at the Enviro-Master headquarters in Charlotte, NC. We provide a comprehensive training program, which encompasses all aspects of successfully operating your business at the highest level!  When training is complete, you will truly understand that you have a long-term partner whose mission is to ensure your success.

  • Sales Training/Support;
  • Telemarketing to Maximize Your Earnings;
  • Web Site and Intranet Support ;
  • Huge savings for equipment and supplies.
Enviro-Master Services Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Ongoing Administrative Assistance Driving Down Costs
With our unique Administrative Support Team, we assume all of the back-office duties from day one. We save you money, by reducing the size of your needed staff, and assist you in earning more money, by dramatically increasing your time to sell customers and service your existing base.
A Long-Term Solid Business
While technology advances daily, Enviro-Master will carefully review and test those applicable technologies which may enhance your profits and margins.  At Enviro-Master, while you may be in business for yourself, you are not in business by yourself. 

Leveraging today's technologies to optimize efficiency
Enviro-Master will teach you how to leverage cutting-edge technology, enabling sales personnel and technicians to utilize handheld devices both to enhance sales presentation, as well as to capture customer signatures and generate invoices.

Franchise Requirements
Enviro-Master provides comprehensive training for all its franchisees; no direct industry experience is required.  However, sales and management experience are beneficial.

Financial Requirements

Minimum Investment: $95,000


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