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Customers are endless with a Creative Colors Franchise Opportunity
Creative Colors International Franchise Opportunity (Click Here)Creative Colors International is recognized as the leader in the repair, reconditioning, protection, and color restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpeting in the automotive, furniture, commercial, and residential markets.
Our franchisees offer convenient, on-site repairs to vinyl, velour, leather, plastics, carpeting, and other material, at a cost far less than replacement parts.
One of the key aspects of owning a Creative Colors franchise is your opportunity to serve many different customer bases - in both the residential and commercial markets:
  • The Automotive Industry - car dealers (new and used), auctions, body shops, car
    rental businesses;
  • Insurance Companies;
  • The Transportation Industry, including airlines, railroads, bus lines, subways, cruise
    lines, etc.
  • The Furniture Industry - residential and commercial;
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Lodging and Leisure facilities;
  • Public venues with large seating capacities.
Auto, boat, and RV dealers across the country face a dilemma. Highly visible signs of wear -- like torn upholstery, faded carpeting, burn holes, and damaged headliners -- can subtract hundreds of dollars from a vehicle's resale value. These dealers need a dependable way to repair damages ... without taking their vehicles off premises -- and off display.

Now you can provide dealers with a convenient, cost-effective way to restore visual appeal -- and value -- to their vehicles. And you can enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of owning your own business ... as a Creative Colors International franchise owner!
Benefits to Owning a Creative Colors Franchise
  • Easy Entry and High Growth Potential: A Winning Combination;
  • CCI helps establish your client base so your franchise is generating revenues
  • Home-Based, Low-Overhead & High Profit Potential!!
  • Ongoing Support back you Every Step of the Way;
  • National Accounts;
  • Exclusive & Protected Territory;
  • Mobile Business;
  • Flexibility to Work your Own Hours;
  • Intensive 4-weeks of training and ongoing consultation services to keep your business at peak performance.
  • Our Start-Up Program includes an equipment package for operator convenience.
  • Each van is equipped with all the tools needed, including a compressor, generator, Air Hose Retractor/Hoses, Heat Guns, Dyes, Graining Molds, and a full line of supplies.
CREATIVE COLORS INTERNATIONAL came into existence July 1991 through its affiliate ,J & J’s Creative Colors, Inc. J & J’s Creative Colors has been in business since 1980  providing their markets the services of dyeing, repairing, and restoring leather, fabric and vinyl, plastics, and fiberglass. (9 Units) 
As growth continued through the years and additional mobile units were added, customer demands and continued growth spurred the necessity for a much larger expansion program. Franchising was selected because of the closeness of franchises as TEAM MEMBERS.
The ongoing support, training at headquarters, training in a franchise territory, along with continued research in products and techniques, would provide the base needed to duplicate J & J’s success. This would allow tremendous opportunities for others (franchisees) to build a solid future in a successful business.
Target Industries Serviced
Creative Colors International Franchise Opportunity (Click Here)The markets currently being serviced are as follows:
  • Auto markets — Car Dealers — (New, Used, Parts, Service Dept);
  • Auctions;
  • Body shops;
  • Rental cars;
  • Insurance markets;
  • Airline industry; and
  • The furniture industry.
There are many other markets that have remained untouched and will be the focus of J & J’s expansion in the years ahead. These markets are to include restaurants, hotels, motels, government facilities, and hospitals.
Creative Colors International Franchise Opportunity (Click Here)Franchisee must participate in an initial training and familiarization course of approximately three to four weeks duration held in Mokena, Illinois. You’ll learn sales and marketing techniques, financial controls, upholstery coloring, restoration and repair methods, and other administrative and operational aspects of the Creative Colors International business.
In addition, a Creative Colors International field representative will spend one week with you in your territory around the time your business commences operations to help you get started.
Corporate Support
As a Creative Colors International franchise owner, you’ll receive periodic visits from a trained field representative, who will provide guidance and quality control, and answer any questions you may have.
In addition, you will receive a copy of the Creative Colors International Confidential Operations Manual, Training Manual and Employee Manual, which covers the policies and procedures involved in running your business. As the manuals are updated, revisions will be made available to you. And, of course, we’ll be only a phone call away for answers to questions that arise during the day-to-day operation of your franchise and we also have our Intranet available 24/7.
Building recognition of the Creative Colors International name and reputation is an essential, ongoing objective designed to benefit everyone involved in the system. 1% of your Gross Sales will be put in the CCI Marketing Fund. This Fund is used to create, develop, direct and prepare national or regional advertising and marketing materials.
Franchise Requirements
The total estimated investment for each Creative Colors International business ranges from $52,200 to $82,050. These figures include a franchise fee of $29,500 and a start-up fee of $19,500, payable to Creative Colors International, Inc.
The franchise fee helps to cover the cost of providing you with trademark protection for the ten year term, other various support and franchise development services, and legal and administrative costs.
The start-up fee covers the costs of providing you with initial training for up to two people, the initial start-up supplies and equipment, stationary, marketing presentation pieces and uniforms.
The total investment figures include the cost of your van, van setup, pre-opening travel, insurance, office equipment & supplies, working capital and other expenses.
$29,500 = Initial Franchise Fee: This fee covers, but is not limited to, the grant of your exclusive territory, ongoing support, research and development, new products and procedures and trademark protection for the term of your ten year contract.

$19,500 = Start-Up Fee: This fee covers initial training costs for up to two people, the initial supply of your equipment, supplies, stationary, marketing presentation pieces, and uniforms that you will need to start your business.

$0 - $20,000 = Van: You need to have a white cargo van. The cost of your van will vary depending on whether it is used, new or leased.

$700 - $3,000 = Van Setup: The low fee covers graphic installation on exterior of van and the higher fee includes interior work station setup, including compressor and generator hookup.

$800 to $2,100 = Pre-Opening Travel and Initial Training: You will have travel and lodging expenses while you are training at CCI corporate. We provide instructors and instructional materials, but you will need to arrange for transportation and food for yourself and employees and for any wages for the employees. The cost will depend on the distance you must travel and the type of accommodations you choose.

$750 to $3,000 = Insurance: This estimate is for annual expenses of $3,000, calculated on a quarterly basis. In rare cases you must pay the entire annual premium initially. The premiums are for auto, business and general liability insurance. The low figure is based on quarterly payments, the high figure is on annual payments. The insurance rates will fluctuate depending on the state and city in which you live.

$0 to $2,500 = Office Equipment and Office Supplies: This figure covers fax machine, voice mail, copy machine, scanner, digital camera and a computer and Microsoft Works and QuickBooks Accounting software. The low estimate assumes you will use personal equipment for business.
$0 - $450 = Telephone and Online Access: You will need a business telephone line, answering machine or voice mail. The low estimate assumes you will use personal equipment for business.

$50 to $250 = Opening Advertising: Before opening the Franchised Business, you must have or place an advertisement in the classified or yellow pages of the local telephone directory under "vinyl repair" and "leather repair" categories.

$250 to $750 = Inventory Replacement: We supply you with Start-Up Supplies that should last for approximately three months. These figures show an estimate of the cost to replace used inventory during the first three months of operation.

$300 to $1,000 = Additional Funds: You must have working capital to support on-going expenses, such as payroll, to the extent that these costs are not covered by any sales revenue generated by you. New businesses often generate a negative cash flow. We estimate that the amount given will be sufficient to cover on-going expenses for the 3 month start-up phase of the business. This is only an estimate, however, and there is no assurance that additional working capital will not be necessary during this start-up phase or after.
NOTE: These figures do not include any personal living expenses; you should have additional sources for your personal living expenses. Your costs will depend on factors as: how much you follow our methods and procedures, your business management skills and experience, local economic conditions, the prevailing wage rate, competition, and the sales level during the first 3 months.
With modest start-up costs, a complete training program and support, we can put tremendous growth potential at your fingertips. Go into business with a business on the go. It may be your vehicle for a rewarding future. Act quickly because each franchise is awarded its own exclusive territory. Let CCI help create a successful opportunity for YOU!

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