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CarePatrol is Today’s World the Dominant Brand in the Senior Care Market Segment 

CarePatrol Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)In today’s world of corporate downsizing and vacillating unemployment, true financial security can only be found by controlling your own destiny. 

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CarePatrol® was built on the core principal of providing an opportunity to achieve personal, business and financial success in an industry that has proven to be recession resistant through a business model that enhances the probability of success.

Our brand dominance strategy is rooted three tactics:

  • To establish the value proposition to deliver quality and empathic understanding of our clients and their family's needs;
  • To use the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition by using unprecedented efficiencies;
  • To use the franchise system and business tools to create efficiencies to enhance profitability.
Executing these tactics allows our Strategic Franchise Partners to get and to keep customers while maintaining their profit margins
Our competitors generally resort to cutting prices or reducing their expenses in order to remain competitive. CarePatrol® uses the power of the franchising business model and cutting-edge technologies to deliver high quality service in a timely and efficient manner.

Why Choose CarePatrol?
Our recent #1 Ranking in the Senior Care Franchise space tells it all!!! Adults age 65+ currently account for 35 million of the population. By 2030, this population will number over 70 million.

CarePatrol Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)If you are an individual who wants to be involved in a recession resistant business that is exploding in growth, and where the profit margins and the ability to make money is proven; then consider becoming a Strategic Franchisee Partner with CarePatrol®.

A Senior Care Franchise much different from the others
Unlike other businesses, you will provide your services absolutely FREE to your clients. That’s right, FREE. You will get paid by the hundreds of care providers that contract with you to connect your clients with them.

CarePatrol appeared as a feature franchise on CNN’s and CNBC’s “Inside Business with Senator Fred Thompson”. The show "Best Franchise Concepts To Consider In A Changing Economy." was aired nationally on CNN, CNBC and FOXbusiness Network.

CarePatrol Advantage

With an increased life span and increased disability with the elderly, it makes sense that in-home and assisted living care will be in high demand in the very near future. We are already seeing this in the 80+ year old seniors, which happens to be the fastest growing population segment.
  • We have focused on building a culture of excellence;
  • Our mission is to become the dominant brand in the senior care assisted living market segment;
  • The ability to deliver this high level of customer service leads to brand dominance, which creates the perception and reality of quality and value;
  • Being a part of a franchise system allows entrepreneurs to be in business “for” themselves but not “by” themselves.

CarePatrol Services
The usual Senior Care Franchise focuses on caregiving.
As a CarePatrol franchisee you will be assisting seniors and their families make tough decisions by finding Assisted Living or In Home Care in their area. You will contract with area care providers and get paid handsomely every time your client chooses care with one of those providers.

You will be helping families at a difficult time in their lives and feel great while doing it, knowing that you have made a difference with each and every client.

It’s a business where everybody wins! You help your client solve their care issues, you produce business for the care provider and you receive a very high commission every time you perform your service

Training and Support
You will be using our proprietary “CarePatrol Connections” software package. With “CarePatrol Connections” you can run your business totally online, manage your clients, care providers and marketing sources. Match your clients to the right care providers, send out alerts and even invoice all from the same exclusive software. We make it efficient and easy for you to be successful.

Your training starts in beautiful Gilbert/Phoenix Arizona for 5 days. 

After your 5 days of classroom and hands on instructions, we will then schedule 6 days with you in your territory to help you set up your network.

Franchise Qualifications
  • Must be very comfortable and at-ease with people.
  • Marketing background is a plus. 
  • No prior senior related experience is needed.  
  • Must be able to work your business with a smile and be able to think quickly on your feet and compassion in your heart for families who are depending on you to help them through a difficult time.

Financial Requirements

Initial Franchise Fee: $29,500
Initial Total Investment: $47,350 - $67,200


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