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We all have something in common. We all hate moving.


BungoBox Franchise Opportunity (Click Here)BungoBox was born out of an extreme aversion to the process of moving. All that sorting, cleaning, packing is no fun at all. Okay, it sucks. And the whole nuisance of finding cardboard boxes and packing materials (tape, string, markers, etc.) makes it even worse - not to mention how wasteful it is. A waste of time, money and trees. So we set out to change all that and make moving a lot more tolerable. We'd be lying if we said fun, but it's certainly more cost effective, efficient, reliable, and a heck of a lot easier.


How so?


BungoBox Franchise Opportunity (Click Here)We'll deliver our sturdy and secure, reusable plastic containers right to your door when you need them. You just fill them up with your stuff and move. Then you call us once you've unpacked and are ready to have the containers picked up from your new place. Makes perfect sense when you think about it. Unless you're really into wasting time and money. Hey, some people are.


BungoBox is a green, cost-effective means of moving.  Through proprietary box design, management technology and aggressive marketing, the BungoBox brand is growing quickly into a new market for moving services. 


BungoBox Overview


Corporate Locations: Orlando, FL and Miami, FL.


Current Opportunities in most states across the U.S. including Florida. 

Five Benefits to Buying Franchise

1.  New Market - Tons of Potential.

2.  Branding - BungoBox invests a great deal of time and money in having the best and most aggressive marketing for the franchisees.

3.  Box Supply - BungoBox makes its own boxes and franchisees will have access to unique designs and supplies of the main inventory.

4.  National Strategic Partner Relationships
- BungoBox will hand partners to franchisees so that they have business available immediately.

5.  Technology and Support
- Franchisees get technology that help manage logistics for their territory as well as company call center support.



Because this industry is really a new idea on an old task, there is very little competition out there right now. BungoBox competes mainly with traditional full service moving companies and moving supply companies. There are only a few “mom and pop” companies similar to BungoBox spread out around the country.


We like to think outside of the BungoBox in how we approach our marketing. We are heavily involved with social mediums of all kinds since it connects us to our main marketing effort — our customers. Most of the time, our collateral, branding and marketing systems do the work for us. The system is designed to educate the customer and very simply, explain the benefits. The good part is that the customers then quickly see value that comes from “BungoBoxing.”

Franchise Investment

The total initial investment including working capital and all fees to start your operation is between $30,000 and $75,000 depending on certain variables such as:
  • Location;
  • Size of your operation; and
  • Other factors.
Franchise Fee: $25,000

Royalty Rate: 9%

Population Territory: 1,000,000 Inhabitants


Target Market Areas


Fort Lauderdale, FL Nashville, TN Hartford, CT

San Diego, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Tampa, FL Memphis, TN Baltimore, MD Denver, CO

Cleveland, OH

Gainesville, FL

Louisville, KY

Dallas, TX Chicago, IL

Greenville, SC

Tallahassee, FL

Birmingham, AL

Houston, TX

St. Louis, MO

Virginia Beach, VA

Atlanta, GA

Indianapolis, IN

Austin, TX

New Orleans, LA

Washington D.C.

Savannah, GA

Columbus, OH

Sacramento, CA

Raleigh, NC

Richmond, VA

Charleston, SC

Newark, NJ

Los Angeles, CA

Charlotte, NC

Huntington, WV


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