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Barbeques Galore® is the world’s largest specialty retailer selling grills, natural gas (NG) and propane (LP) cookers, and outdoor heating systems along with accessories to families who enjoy the outdoor cooking experience. We have products for the novice backyard cooks to the most experienced ones in the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Industry
Currently, Barbeques Galore® has retail stores concentrated throughout California, Arizona and Texas, where the sun shines often and outdoor living is a year-round indulgence. Barbeques Galore® produces its own brand of proprietary products in its own factories such as:
  • Turbo®,
  • Turbo Elite®,
  • Turbo STS®,
  • Grand Turbo®, and
  • Grand Tec®.
It also represents the giants in the industry, TwinEagles, Lynx, Weber, Firemagic and Big Green Egg smokers.
In addition, the company has introduced a new line of grills engineered and designed by Porsche Design Studio and has introduced its patented infrared cooking system known as “Crossray®” cooking system. 
With millions of grill sales under our belt, Barbeques Galore® prides itself on the expert knowledge of our sales associates who will always take the time to help clients shop for the right grill for their home, business or recreational activity. Whether it’s a small portable grill or a complete custom island, we have options for every space and budget.
History of Barbeques Galore ®
Barbeques Galore® started as an Australian and United States Chain of retail stores specializing in barbecue grills, accessories and consumable products. There are 42 stores in the United States. In 2008 the company was purchased by Grand Home Holdings, Inc. a world class manufacturer of gas grills.
Barbeques Galore® started in a garage in Sydney’s outer western suburbs in 1972. The first company store opened in 1977. The company expanded to the United States in 1980, opening a store in Santa Fe Springs, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. 
In the United States, the firm concentrated initially on warm-weather states such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, Georgia and Florida. Later they ventured into more seasonal markets such as North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. 
After ten years as a listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange, Barbeques Galore® delisted in 1996 and soon after listed on the U.S. NASDAQ. 
In late 2005, the firm was delisted from the NASDAQ after a leveraged buy-out by the Australian venture capital firm, Ironbridge Capital. Ironbridge Capital split the Australian and U.S. arms of the business into two separate entities (but retained ownership of both). In 2008, it sold Barbeques Galore® to Grand Home Holdings.
Over the years Barbeques Galore® has evolved into the place to go for our clients’ outdoor cooking needs. We differentiate ourselves with knowledgeable staff and quality products to fit all budgets and life styles.
With 42 company-owned retail stores concentrated throughout California, Arizona, and Texas, Barbeques Galore® is looking to expand to new markets through franchising with people who share our passion for the outdoor cooking lifestyle.
Total Number of Units: 42
Franchised Units: 0
Year Established: 1980
Franchised Since: 2011
Benefits of Owning a Barbeques Galore® Franchise 
Go with an established brand. Put yourself behind the counter of a brand with over 30 years of experience. Our experts can help you with the right products, store training and in store marketing all under a brand poised for growth.

Barbeques Galore®
is number one in its category of being the largest specialty retailer of grills, outdoor living products and accessories
With one of the lowest franchise fees in the industry, consisting of a royalty fee of (3%) of sales revenues and a marketing fund contribution of (2%) of sales revenues, we are by far one of the most affordable franchises in the market place today.  
Outdoor cooking is part of American culture; we are looking for people to help us become America’s one stop for all their outdoor cooking needs now and in the future when they make the decision to purchase a new grill, smoker or outdoor living products.
Financial Investment
We are looking for people with business acumen and passion for providing superb customer satisfaction. Our standards are high since we are entrusting our brand in your hands.
Franchise Fee and POS
The initial franchise fee is $40,000, which includes 2 BBQG Enterprise Systems (POS) computers to help you manage and run your store. The system is part of the Barbeques Galore® inventory control and ordering process as well as tracking sales and customer data.
Other Requirements
Some of our requirements include:
  • $250,000 liquid capital,
  • Solid credit score, and
  • A history of leading a successful business as an owner or senior operating manager.
We work with a number of companies to assist you with your financing needs. Total initial investment can range from $491,204 to $843,109 to start up and open a new store
  • This includes $150,000 for working capital during your first year of operations.
  • For a more detail breakdown regarding start up cost, refer to Item 7 in the Franchise Disclosure Documents.
Total Initial Investment: $491,204 to $843,109
Franchise Fee: $40,000
Liquid Capital Required: $250,000
Net Worth Required: $500,000
Start-Up Capital: $90,000 - $175,000
Training and Support

Our knowledge is yours. As an owner, you gain the support of a dedicated and experienced team of experts.
  • We will train you at our Headquarters with an extensive curriculum for a week long Franchise Training Program from our knowledge experts.
  • Prior to your grand opening, we will come out to train your staff and get you ready for your grand opening.
Franchise Training Program
Our week long Franchise Training Program will encompass one day in a classroom environment learning about:
  • Marketing,
  • Staffing requirements,
  • Safety procedures,
  • Inventory control, and
  • Store merchandising techniques. 
Then, taking this information, you will be placed in a training store for four days working with actual store sales associates and a store director.
This hands-on training will help you to learn the how to run a Barbeques Galore® to help you become successful utilizing:
  • Our BBQG Enterprises System,
  • Proven selling techniques,
  • Scheduling and inventory cycle count procedures along with other policies and procedures to help you become successful. 
Marketing and Network Support
From planning your grand opening, to ongoing operations, our network of marketing experts will be available to help you design and implement an advertising and promotional plan that will help you reach your target audience.

You will not only benefit from our brand, but also from our experience of operating our 42 company-own locations. Unlike many franchises, we actually practice what we teach.
Our team will always be a call away from providing you answers to your questions regarding your franchise. Your success is ours since it will provide us new brand growth in new markets. This is one reason why we are very motivated to see you succeed, and will do all we can to provide you the best training and on-going support and training programs for your store sales associates.
Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection: Yes
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National): Yes
Does Corporate Provide Continued Training: Yes
Franchise Requirements
Candidates have to share the passionate we live everyday at Barbeques Galore®.
“To Ignite the Barbeque Passion in Everyone.” This is our Mission Statement.
The attributes we look for in a franchisee to help grow our brand include:
  • The need to be passionate about outstanding customer service, outdoor cooking and working with people. 
  • Retail experience along with great customer service, which is how we built our brand.
  • Business owners, senior managers or individuals with the passionate for outdoor cooking and are committed. 
Our candidates need to have solid transferrable management and leadership skills along with the entrepreneurial spirit to grow their business in a team environment. We are looking for single unit and or multi-unit owners to grow our brand alongside us as we continue grow or base of company owned stores across the country.
Location Requirements 
We are looking for stores ranging from 3,500-5,000 square feet with demographics to support the growth of a Barbeques Galore® store into the future. Once a site has been identified, the franchisee will present it to the company or if the company identifies the site, the franchisee will have the option to accept or reject it, within a reasonable amount of time. We will provide you the necessary tools to assist you in identifying a site based, on our 42 company-owned stores, demographics, which best fits our business model.   

We will assist you with the store layout design and work with your contractor during the buildout process to insure your store opens in a timely matter.
Top 35 Target Market Areas
Albuquerque, NM Jackson, MS Montgomery, AL
Atlanta, GA Jacksonville, FL Nashville, TN
Bakersfield, CA Kansas City, MO Oklahoma City, OK
Baton Rouge, LA Kansas City, KS Phoenix, AZ
Charlotte, NC Las Vegas, NV Portland, OR
Colorado Springs, CO Little Rock, AR Raleigh, NC
Columbia, SC Los Angeles, CA San Jose, CA
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Louisville, KY Sacramento, CA
Denver, CO Memphis, TN Salt Lake City, UT
Fresno, CA Mesa, AZ St. Louis, MO
Hawaiian Islands Miami, FL Tampa, FL
Houston, TX Mobile, AL Tucson, AZ
Henderson, NV Montgomery, AL Wichita, KS

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